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  1. Gurgarath


    I completely agree with you, and you did a great work, respect! To be fair, the reason I focused my attention on serverside and completely ditched clientside was because of the latest gf client. Using the most recent client containing all of the 17.5 updates and newer, I expected client datas to be tested thoroughly and to be bug-free (as it was working already on official server) and then I just tried to remove every mismatch I got between official clientside and my seemingly outdated serverside. By the way, I think the "worked-around" version is on every client having pre 17.5 skilltable and that's why no one had to worry. The bug described in my post seems to occur only on post 17.5 skilltable. I also want to say that this bug occured with matching serverside and clientside skilltable, that's when I started to look into server sources and found the problem I described. Here's how I came up with this fix (or work-around actually). I will try to test about the double computation of the skill as well, but I didn't see it when I tested it at first.
  2. Gurgarath


    This is called "ShopEx"
  3. Hello friends, While I was adjusting my skills and doing some updates to them, I encoutered a funny bug I had never noticed. I asked my friends and tried some servers and they either had this bug or they had it "fixed" already. I didn't try the official but they surely patched it in 17.5. You will see that when you use this skill, two things can happen based on your server: Your character will walk toward the ennemy and launch the skill. The skill will hit the target but nothing will happen. No processing, no damage, no aggro, simply nothing. The skill will be effective only at point blank range. Screencap below. You will launch the skill as long as you have an attackable opponent targeted. That's the "fix" I talked about, which is more like a workaround. Preview of the bug: https://i.gyazo.com/187830323bb0cea016e5816b218b03f0.mp4 (Thanks @Veltor88) This is an easy fix that probably anyone can come up with, but I would like to share it with you, let's make the game better for everyone. Open Server/char_battle.cpp and search for the following case in class CFuncShoot: case SKILL_YONGBI: { m_me->OnMove(true); } break; Delete the case. It simply makes you move to the target, launch the skill and that's it. Probably an unfinished piece of code that made it's way to the final game. Search for (in the same class): case SKILL_TUSOK: case SKILL_BIPABU: case SKILL_NOEJEON: case SKILL_GEOMPUNG: case SKILL_SANGONG: case SKILL_MAHWAN: case SKILL_PABEOB: And extend the check with: case SKILL_YONGBI: //Fix for Shooting Dragon Now your character will walk to the ennemy, launch the skill and deal damages as well as triggering the aggro and stuff like that. Enjoy!
  4. Gurgarath

    Hello fellow M2Dev companions, I come here today to ask you a simple but hard question at the same time. I'm asking for your thoughts about Lycan. I will try to make it short, but I also need to ask you things. From everything I heard it was either neutral, either extremely positive or extremely negative at the same degree. Some people said to me that if Lycan was added on a server, they would simply not try the server. Some others said that the bonuses or the race itself was too unbalanced while the last category of people said that it was really great and added freshness to the game without being too OP or too shitty and that no one is forced to play it. I think the hate from this race came from three things: We all felt weird about this race at first and the lore was weird at first glance, but now that it's fully implemented on official, with his maps, it's just some kind of an alternate start with side lore that is pretty good at what it does without being too much (unfortunately?). The fact that it adds a new race and that hence "perfect pvp stuff" is not a thing anymore made a lot of PvP players upset. The fact that most of these people tried this race at first on horrendous Pservers who were not able to adjust the race properly and did a weird unbalanced OP / Shitty character and therefore people hated the race just because of their first impression. I remember that when I proposed Lycan with the latest official statistics (from early 2015) from beta people were not playing it because of this. Now that the Lycan is 5 years old (Time flies) and that official adjusted it and adjusted the PvP balance in 17.5, some people are still reluctant to play it on Pserver and some owners just simply don't add it. This is one of the most unpopular update from official. Do you have any opinions on this? I also include a poll on the post
  5. Gurgarath


  6. Gurgarath


    You're tagging a whole group, you ask for help on a probably leaked system and you don't publish the answer for other people? What do you expect from the forum?
  7. Gurgarath


  8. Is that the same guy as FrankieCommando?
  9. Gurgarath


    The foreign characters are going nut, that's not something I suggest and I usually provide real fixes and not workaround, but throw the whole code away, you will probably never us IsJapan() or IsKorea() or simply don't use IsLocale() at all as it's fairly useless. Just remove this part. if localeInfo.IsJAPAN(): GUILD_CATEGORY_LIST = ( ("HEADQUARTER", "?bz?), ("FACILITY", "g?z?), ("OBJECT", "???), ) elif localeInfo.IsYMIR() or localeInfo.IsWE_KOREA(): GUILD_CATEGORY_LIST = ( ("HEADQUARTER", "본건물"), ("FACILITY", "기능건물"), ("OBJECT", "조경물"),
  10. I won't talk about the theories and your argument, but I don't get why you hate on this code. Or, most likely, I understand, but I wouldn't criticize the same way. The code as it is is kind-of useless, the method works, that's a thing. It can however lead to false positives because of the lack of deep analysis of the process. It also doesn't protect against falsely legit process name like "HomemadeCapybaraBook" and renamed process and thus it's easily bypassable. I wouldn't use the code as it is, or not all of it. But what I like from this release is the surface analysis of the processus. It can be enhanced or it can serve as a base of something like a thorough analysis of the process and this is interesting. Thank you for you release
  11. Gurgarath

    Dirty doxxing. You better provide proofs of what you say, otherwise you will get sanctioned really quick. We stand against scams and if you provide proof of PACI actually being a scammer we will take measures against him. Otherwise we will take measures against you because what we also stand against is doxxing. The limit between internet and reality is thin but we will try our best to guarantee that both worlds doesn't entwine with eachother. Do not post any more personal informations.
  12. I also have everything updated (VS and Libs and so on) and it happens to me, are you compilling using the latest toolset? https://imgur.com/Sn2elIh https://imgur.com/Sn2elIh
  13. In fact it's not and it's unrelated to python. When you compile for more recent versions of Windows the application bar will get thicker and it will hide a bit of the ingame taskbar into the Windows taskbar. Thanks for your guide!
  14. Gurgarath


    Oh you, I indeed love puns... https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Salt_(cryptography) https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Pepper_(cryptography) It might be easier to understand for people who doesn't know about these now, thanks for pointing it out
  15. Gurgarath


    Your question makes sense. But at the same times it doesnt. Let me explain you the point. It can be hard for a behinner but I will try my best to explain it. This sentence is wrong, really wrong. When it comes to encryption, there isn't a way to do it. There are bilions and bilions. The fact that no one should make a tutorial about it is that it won't help anyone to protect their client but on the contrary it will ruin the solution for good. That's why it exists barely no tutorials at all. You can easily break something that is open source, at least, more easily (open source is great though). Also, make sure that no matter how strong is your security (it depends on the level of course) it can get unpacked. Back then, we had Rubinuum with the nec plus ultra of the security at that time being FoxFS (based on what the community said, not based on facts). They got unpacked anyway because of reverse engineering and the lack of uniqueness in their encryption and compression. Now, FoxFS is open source, but no one is using it, either because they don't know how, or simply because they know that it is not effective anymore. Instead of giving away how you can secure it, I will simply give you some hint, teach a man how to fish as we commonly say: Change LZO to something better, no matter which one you choose. Despite being small and fast, TEA is somehow depreciated, some newer versions exists, but consider changing it as well. AES, SHA256, SHA512, well, we have a bunch. The usage of keys is good but once you got them (trust me it's easy) you got the masterkey to unpack everything. Change the system, obfuscate them, change the way it works. There are tons of ways to deal with it. The current pack system is working using index and packs, you can change that as well, you can merge them, you can delete them, thousands of methods as well. You can add a bit of salt and pepper to your system, here in France we like when it's perfectly seasoned. You can as well use type4 and type 5. i.e a key sent by the server to your client that decrypt the files. Those are nice, the only problem official had was a backdoor and the lack of overall security, you sniff the keys and you ruin these methods whole career. You can use a brand new method as well. Base yourself upon other protections, you are not forced to use eterpack at all. Make also sure that you use more than two of the things listed above. What official did with type6 was simply an encrypted snappy, which is funny because that's what I did that for the first pack method I made in late 2014.
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