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  2. Gurgarath

    Could you please translate this copypasta ?
  3. Gurgarath

    I completely agree with @VegaS™ and I also have a suggestion: -We should publicly warn users removing their post when they have the answer. It helps flooding the forum with useless topics and sometimes dupes of existing questions and it makes other members reluctant to help. Nb: Making the 11 and 12 together can not stop the leech but we can easily know who is leeching just by looking at accounts. It’s useful in my opinion. However we can have some false positives (people liking releases because they actually like it and thank the author).
  4. Gurgarath


    Hello, You can find those functions within the sources of the game. You will find various files named questlua_x.cpp. Open them, go at the very end. You will notice such lines: CQuestManager::instance().AddLuaFunctionTable("arena", arena_functions); Thanks to those, you will easily see which functions are related to arena (registered above within the list arena_function). To use them, you will need to write :"arena.function()". Another example with questlua_pc: CQuestManager::instance().AddLuaFunctionTable("pc", pc_functions); Now, if you want to find those functions, you either have to manually check each questlua_x.cpp files or to go serverside and find the file "quest_functions". Inside you will find every registered quest functions.
  5. Hello, Quick back story, those are official from early 2014 pretty much, they contain SG sources, nova sources (2014+) and some wolfman prototype. Those are a small part of a big leak that occured in 2014. It contained Metin2 sources, Metin1 sources as well as Inferna sources. We currently have two theories that are sometimes called official theories but we can't really know who to trust. I am going to be short: It was either a leak made by an employee that copied the file and sold them later on. Or it was downloaded from their server after someone exploited a breach in it. Ever since, we never had any more leaks, might it be core or sources like we had from 2008 to 2014. The only "leak" was an uncythonized root from 2018 because they forgot to cythonize it.
  6. Gurgarath


    Hello, I have been focusing on optimization when I created my server to achieve the best ratio between a fast loading time and a decent memory usage (as well as reduction of various lag spikes) and here is a list (not complete) of what is "wrong" now in the game. You can complete it, it is not exhaustive but I would like to share it with you. The old lzo compression for packs offers a poor decompression ratio, consider changing the algorythm. The packs might end up from ~5% to ~15% bigger based on what you chose and do, but the loading screens (first & others) will be considerably reduced. Cython is really effective, consider using it. About login phases, consider using auth as a distinct core, a different entity than a complete game and consider making it cleaner. Create a new solution for it. IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION is a stronger method for authenthification but is significantly more ressource-demanding. Also consider that if someone can bypass the basic security, this someone will also be able to bypass the IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION method with the same (or a bit less) of ease. Removing it will make the authentification process significantly faster. Remove useless timers after character selection that Ymir added. The animation will be a little cropped out but it worths it. Many memory leakings are in the game, some are in SpeedTree (because they litterally added the BASE implementation without adapting it to other existing engine features such as camera, lods, sectree, they even have some basic speedgrass implementation). Some others are related to the way the game renders the texttail (which is poorly coded and it makes everyone lag when they are around shops, players, monsters or drops). All the assets are loaded in the first loading screen, you can load some assets before the first loading screen to divise the load between the phases but it will take for example more time to go through each phases and use more memory in those phases as a result. Loading them with intrologo can be good if you can't skip the logo. I would not always recommend this. MotionsData are poorly coded and it creates a lot of lag spikes. The way effects are handled is poorly designed (for nowadays). Condisder changing it (Some effects are not discharged from memory, some effects continously play in background, some effects are stopped but resumed when you open up the game, leading in a dupplication of them and so on). Do not purge every assets each time you teleport, keep some of them loaded, it will increase memory usage but as long as you keep it stable it will just make the game smoother. About the fact that no one cares about 1.5Gb of Memory is also kind of false, some players still have old computers and using too much memory on a game made using C++98 and 32bits can sometimes make the game unstable. Usage of cache however is recommended in my opinion.
  7. Gurgarath


    Of course it should have been made. This is a really good remark and I completely agree. However, doing so would upset a lot of players and make the game extremely frustrating for new players, who would be unable to get good stuff while people who started before would still have theirs. But if they do that along with other updates it might be better. For example with the introduction of "Hero weapons", it would have been a great idea because the game is giving you a powerful weapon for free. The game definitely lacks of effective gold sinks except of the market though. Which is why it happened. What they had to do, like I say, is fix those problems BEFORE they happen. By doing what you said for example. Back then it was not a problemand Ymir did great because they did what you said, it was hard to get yangs and 2kkk was an insane amount, but the general difficulty decreased (get a good weapon, a horse, a good stuff, bonuses, experience etc.) while the yang rate stayed the same (in addition of the other problems) which ultimately resulted in what we have now, after of course, 13 years of farming. Right now, the amount of yang is insane and they need to get gold sinks if they want to get back to a saner economy.
  8. Gurgarath


    Hello, I will try to answer clearly and throughly to this question. But this is only a theory and all of my answer should be treated as such. Won should have never made its way into Metin2 and the fact that it appeared not so long ago is the outcome of years of different problems such as: The game getting easier years after years. The fusion of different servers into one big server or more, making the yang an abundant ressource. Years of extensive botting and farm botting, making the yangs easier to obtain. Black market sites selling ludicrous amount of yangs for real money. The in game market devaluation, leading to expensive items getting cheaper and brand new items getting really expensive. The lack of population on the game, making yangs easier to obtain and less cheaper, because of account selling. Economically speaking, yangs became abundant and the market had to adapt, Metin2 internal economy went through an inflation, making the limit of 1.999.999.999 yangs not enough to sometimes buy an item. In the same game where years before, having more than 100kk would make you one of the richest person of the whole server. Because of that, the following problem came up: People were now unable to sell really expensive items using shops or exchanges and had to use a lot of gold bars (those were and are a good idea though). They even sometimes had to use than one exchange of 2kkk on more than one account, making some items unsellable because of the fear of getting scammed from both parties. The result was simply a partial freezing of the market and if the market is dead on a MMORPG, then the whole game is at stake. They had to come up with a fix to thad and they had different solutions to deal with it such as: Removing the cap of 2kkk. In that case, above 9kkk, the money starts to get unreadable and also hard to perceive, it can make players freak out and this is not especially the best way to deal with it as it only makes the same problem as before come later on in the game instead of dealing with it instantly. Make the yangs really hard to get or really easy to get. Making the economy reajust itself but making almost everyone upset, which could have a huge direct negative impact which could have been fatal. Adding another currency, such as Won, and leave everything untouched, which they did and which is a good idea at first. The chose the third solution, which created a new problem: Some items are now really expensive and Won basically made the inflation kind of infinite, it just made the threshold way higher, even if it made the market more stable and safer. Unfortunately, it solved none of the problems stated above and now we can find Won on the black market for 3€, which will still make the circle continue until they do something, if they do. Won though slowed those problems more efficiently than removing the cap of 2kkk. However, if they solved some problems in a better way, the Won would have never existed.
  9. @Tatsumaru My question might look stupid, but are you in the room where all the mobs are agressive by default? Otherwise it would work. About the original release, thank you. But are you the author of the code? Because it might be a ripoff from WoM² sources, in that case, credit the author. Nice release anyway, getting chain killed by large groups of poisoned monsters because you can't run away is a pain.
  10. Gurgarath


    Hello, I got it fixed somehow in 2015 when the bug was firstly reported to me. I remember it was serverside though. I reverted it back to the old pvp mode where the player was not ultimely falling. I might have to take a look again because it is in my old sources...
  11. Gurgarath


    It has nothing to do with it... I prefer to help you there so that it might be useful for some other people. But I already gave you the fix, I don't know what I need to do for you haha Greetings,
  12. Gurgarath


    I see, I was right then. Unpack with your favourite unpacker/packer your locale_xx pack (from client), browse trough it and just replace the mob_proto (and item_proto if needed) file by the one the tool gave you. Then pack the locale_xx again with your unpacker/packer, launch the client and here you are! Greetings,
  13. Gurgarath


    Hello, Basic question, but based on the screenshot and the few informations available, I think it's alright to ask. Have you used dump_proto to pack the mob_proto? And then placed it in your locale pack and packed locale again? Mob's name is not sent by the server but instead it's read through the clientside mob_proto. That's why you need to pack it and to place it in your locale pack. Greetings,
  14. Gurgarath

    Hello, I think it's because the client (and also the font) is very poor at handling post-process effects such as any ENB or FXAA injector features (And some GPU included options). I had similar issues in the past because of post-process injection, it was most likely because of the post-process Anti-Alliasing if I'm not wrong. Thanks for the report dude
  15. Gurgarath


    Thanks for the software, I usually use WinMerge. Anyways, I've made clearly tons of change on my sources so I honestly think that I have to manually find wich system is culprit through a lot of tries... Thanks dude