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Stone Chance


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Open game/src/config.cpp

Search: TOKEN("max_level")


			str_to_number(stone_chance, value_string);
			stone_chance = MINMAX(1, stone_chance, 100);
			fprintf(stderr, "STONE_CHANCE: %u/n", stone_chance);


Search int gPlayerMaxLevel = 99;


int stone_chance = 30;

Open  game/src/char_item.cpp
Search: const int ITEM_BROKEN_METIN_VNUM =


extern int stone_chance; // Chance Stone Chance


Search: if (number(1, 100) <= 30)

Replace or edit it:

						// Stein Chance
						if (number(1, 100) <= stone_chance) // Erfolgreich
							ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("메틴석 부착에 성공하였습니다."));
							item2->SetSocket(i, item->GetVnum());
						else // Nicht Erfolgreich
							ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("메틴석 부착에 실패하였습니다."));
							item2->SetSocket(i, ITEM_BROKEN_METIN_VNUM);



Now u can change the chance in ur game CONFIG 



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