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Plechito music


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Metin2 isn't only thing, which i do.

I love music, and i want to do it.

I'm work in FL studio 10,after half-year. My production isn't perfect, isn't good, but i will be glad to your feedback :)

I'm still learning and discover new things and options :)


PS: Sorry for my bad english :)


There is my profile on soundcloud:



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Hey I used FL Studio years ago. Just listened to Storyteller!


Many melody changes, sometimes it even feels like a classical piece. You got some potential hits there if you work a bit more in the mastering.


The strings are hiding the bassdrum and the bass a bit in my oppinion.


You had musical lessons right?

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Today i start again upload songs of Progressive house, Big room and electro house to my newer channel.


I will try upload new song every day, or one of 2 days.


For today 2 new songs:






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