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Video How To Compile TorrentPatch


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Hi guys. Two weeks ago I've recorded a video to show you how to compile TorrentPatch from mainline_released. Everything is on a video, I've also added english subtitles. I used Visual Studio 2008 with SP 1 to compile it. I'd be grateful if you could subscribe and share this video. Have fun.




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Torrent patch? what is it used for? :D


It's just patcher/game updater made by Webzen Ymir ;)



Oh, how to setting? 



I don't have. You can make one just by becoming close friends with TinyXML and looking into TP source code. I don't need this so this tutorial is a 'giveaway' :D


//edit: Or you can open metin2launch.exe with 7-zip and unpack it.

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I need help over here :D


Screen 1:



Screen 2:



Thanks in advance.

Right click TorrentPatch project, go to Properties and here click on Build Events and delete everything that you find in Command Line.


Thanks worked i have a last error i think


screen: http://prntscr.com/6ujvnl



On TorrentPatch project, in Patch folder you will find TorrentPatch.cpp. Go to line 234 and make a print screen with the code around that line.

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