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  1. omg svn.. why? everyone migrated projects from svn to git a few years ago, and you recommend it
  2. Your summon function has 3 paramters, you try call with 4 paramter.
  3. wow 2k21 and discovered version control, n1 ps. jetbrains idea > microsoft idea
  4. I like it ps. are all horses from oryginal mt2?
  5. Oryginal item table is good for all systems, you don't need new table You? Nothing. I only said that removing and keeping in memory is stupid solution when you look at not happy path, thats all.
  6. Its stupid that all items disappear when server was stoppped or crashed while "advanced duel"
  7. hm what will happen if pInst is null? GetPixelPositionDistance method is save for null?
  8. Nice! btw. did you check or test the performance between old and new encryption?

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