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player can use GM code how i stop that



Hi guys its first time i have this problem when the player enter to the server he can use all GM commands and i try with DIF not working and i change all the CMD files on the file and same problem i try most thing is anyone have idea about how i can sort

game vre 40250

this problem with my thanks 





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Block the P2P ports with a firewall script..


For example..

service_ports="{ 22, 3306, 31094 }"
game_ports="{ 11002, 13070, 13071, 14070, 14071, 15070, 15071, 13099, 13100 }" #auth/c1c1/c1c2/c2c1/c2c2/c3c1/c3c2/c99c1/c99c2
api_ports="{ 15000, 65000, 65001, 65010, 65011, 65020, 65021, 65040, 65041, 65500 }" #P2P Ports c1c1/c1c2/c2c1/c2c2/c3c1/c3c2/c99c1/c99c2/auth
table <trusted_hosts> const {,,,,,,,,,,,,, 2400:cb00::/32, 
 2606:4700::/32, 2803:f800::/32, 2405:b500::/32, 2405:8100::/32 }
table <abusive_hosts> persist
# options
set block-policy drop
set loginterface $ext_if
set skip on lo
# Normalizes packets and masks the OS's shortcomings such as SYN/FIN packets
# [scrub reassemble tcp](BID 10183) and sequence number approximation
# bugs (BID 7487).
scrub on $ext_if reassemble tcp no-df random-id
# Filters
antispoof quick for { lo0 $ext_if }
block in
pass out on $ext_if all modulate state
pass out all keep state

pass in quick from <trusted_hosts>
block in quick from <abusive_hosts>

pass in quick on proto tcp to any port $api_ports
pass in quick on $int_if proto tcp to any port $api_ports
block in quick on $ext_if proto tcp to any port $api_ports 

pass in on $ext_if proto tcp to any port $game_ports flags S/SA keep state 
        (max-src-conn 35, max-src-conn-rate 25/5, overload <abusive_hosts> flush)
pass in on $ext_if proto tcp to any port $service_ports flags S/SA keep state 
        (max-src-conn 25, max-src-conn-rate 20/5, overload <abusive_hosts> flush)

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