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Fix Arrow Shower x5 damage


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This video was presented to me yesterday and vietnam flashbacks came back to me to the first time I found out about this. Three years ago I thought it was just my client, maybe this part was deleted when it was not supposed to, but I guess it's not.


Why does this work, I have absolutely no clue but it's amazing that it behaves like that.


Let's get to fixing it. Open PythonPlayerSkill.cpp and add:

				DWORD dwMotionIndex = pSkillData->GetSkillMotionIndex(rkSkillInst.iGrade);
				DWORD dwLoopCount = pSkillData->GetMotionLoopCount(rkSkillInst.fcurEfficientPercentage);
				if (!pkInstMain->NEW_UseSkill(rkSkillInst.dwIndex, dwMotionIndex, dwLoopCount, pSkillData->IsMovingSkill() ? true : false))
					//Tracenf("CPythonPlayer::__UseSkill(%d) - pkInstMain->NEW_UseSkill - ERROR", dwSlotIndex);
					return false;


		if (pSkillData->IsFanRange())
			if (pkInstMain->NEW_GetInstanceVectorInFanRange(float(dwRange), *pkInstTarget, &kVct_pkInstTarget))


It should look like this:



Literally the end.

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