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Hello everyone,

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Most of you already know me, and for those who don't, I have been a member of metin2.dev since 2014, in the metin2 scene since 2012, so definitely not one of the oldest on the scene.

Started playing metin2 on a Portuguese private server (#EliteMT2) and because I liked the game, I started trying to understand how it works, it was the best thing I could have done and paved the ground to where I am today as a programmer and a degree in Computer Engineering.

Most of my experience has been in programming, mostly web development (JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, .NET C#), but I dable in multiple areas, including Network Administrator at my current job. Managing a community as big as this one will be a challenge that I'm willing to take so that it can keep running smoothly.

In the beginning I will be getting familiar with how it is already working and then start comming up with ideas to improve the community.

Hope you receive me well and, if you have any issues, questions, ideas (all ideas are welcome), get in contact with me through discord (preferably) or a DM on the forum.


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