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Adapt rpc discord system to yohara's system "Only for those who have the system"

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Good morning community, a few days ago I considered how to make the discord rpc when a character reaches yohara level "Champion level" appear in the discord rpc, and last night after turning my head around and modifying the code a bit Here I bring it to you. I remember that this will only work for those people who have the yohara system.

The rpc discord system being used is Mali's "BlackDragon"

We go to our UserInterface/Discord.h and look for the following line:

            sCharacterName += " - Normal Lv: " + std::to_string(CPythonPlayer::Instance().GetStatus(POINT_LEVEL));
We replace this line with the following:

        DWORD m_dwConquerorLevel;
        if (m_dwConquerorLevel)
            sCharacterName += " - Conqueror Lv: " + std::to_string(CPythonPlayer::Instance().GetStatus(POINT_CONQUEROR_LEVEL));
            sCharacterName += " - Normal Lv: " + std::to_string(CPythonPlayer::Instance().GetStatus(POINT_LEVEL));

We save and compile.


Keep in mind that each yohara system is not the same, since the code may vary depending on which system you use.


The code is basic. But it works perfectly, here I leave the gyazo of how it works.

If anyone wants to contribute or improve the code more, welcome. It's my first time doing this


[Level Normal Discord RPC] https://metin2.download/picture/C303710vg76Xw1M9UT0kYxLJKffm10OH/.gif

[Conquerors Level Discord RPC] https://metin2.download/picture/ymimkFh3gE315h3H9iN8l5mBf2pRZc96/.gif

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