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A new year begins...


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The largest and most modern Metin2 development community...


First of all, happy new year to all. I wish you health and success in your personal and professional life.
We start this new year with updates on your favorite forum! 🥳


About Us

Following some feedback on this page, ergonomics and accessibility has been improved. When clicking on the buttons or when accessing the page with an anchor, spoilers will open. New questions & answers, some grammatical corrections and changes in this new version -> About Us.

Like laws, they change over time... 🕓 Depending on the offenses observed or the lack of details, in short, the rules update... 🚨

  • Marketplace -> Added some details on approval and access conditions within our marketplace...
  • Forum -> Formatting and merging rule sections, addition of new rules and additions of explanations and rephrasing of existing rules...



A small update to the display of product pages within the Marketplace, my goal was to break the traditional forum view (Table...)💫









Metin2 Download

Metin2 Download fits even more into your life... 💋 From now on, on the community index, there will be the last 10 files updated or added. Metin2 Download, connected to your insides... :kekw:




Extra Links

Important links are available in small dynamic sized block and are no longer link redirect forums. This optimizes the height of the community.







Private Servers

The Private Servers forum has been cleaned up! After so many years, it was necessary to archive presentations of inactive Metin2 game servers. All these topics have been moved to a dedicated sub-forum, Private Servers Archive. Special shoutout to @ VegaS™ for writing a tool in python to mass scan inactive private servers. 💪 From now on, topics will be checked periodically to keep this forum clean. ♻️


Top Metin2

After Metin2 Download, Top Metin2 now fits into the community scene. It displays the top three Metin2 game server based on votes and once the forum is open, they will appear at the top as being sub-forums. However, I don't know if forums are used a lot by Metin2 players to find a Metin2 private server. If it helps... 📢 Also, the General forum in the Metin2 category has been renamed to Metin2 and moved to the Community category. Then, the Metin2 category was renamed to Private Servers. This allows you to hide the category (With the toggle on the right...), if you wish.










A huge amount of work has been done on the Programming & Scripts / Systems forum of more than forty pages has been split into several sub-forums in order to better organize resources and tutorials. Also, each resource was analyzed manually to assign tags and a prefix (Also on other forums...). This work, which can't be done in one day, was done in November and December 2022. 💀

Programming & Development



Development has taken place in favor of Discord using the Discord API's. Today, it's the forum that syncs with Discord to assign you your ranks. Now it is possible for me to sync from Discord to the forum using a local database, a lot of information is stored there (Discord ID, Discord Tag, If the member is still existing within the Discord, If the member has boosted the Discord, If the member is banned from Discord...). It also allows me to use this data for other purposes such as the community dashboard, the data is updated regularly. 👌



The pillory and the internal search system have been rewritten and are now managed by Core X (With Cache System). As a reminder, Core X is the core of my projects (Metin2 Download, Top Metin2 and my scripts, External 2 Internal and so on...)🤠 Core X now manages the new community dashboard which includes the pillory, the search system and global statistics -> M2Dev Dashboard (You did see? The new dashboard takes up the theme of the community...)😍

Now the same information is displayed when performing a search or when viewing the list of banned members. There are news columns, Discord Status, Discord Tag (In addition to Discord ID...), Skype and Website. All of these fields can be filtered in the datatable. 👀 A custom profile field has been created (Show under a member's profile, similar to Seller and P-Server Owner ranks) to have quick and easy access to the member's pillory. Also, from now on, during a ban (Or unban...), a notification will be sent on the Discord with the reasons and the date of the last warning. 🚨 Under conditions, a pillory record may be hidden to respect a serious cause, such as death... 💀

Another pillory has been created, this one lists all the untrusted / unreliable users of the Metin2 community. ☢️ This list of users is partially populated by banned members within our community (Only if the reason for the ban is Reselling, Scamming or Leaking...), but now it's possible to register an external user (A user with no account on our forum...) with the same level of information. It's also possible to link the evidence to a member of the community or an external user (This feature is currently for internal use...)🧾

A section dedicated to Discord where you can find the local database and information associated with members.







Some changes to the ranks within the community... 🤭

  • Nitro Booster -> Automated
  • Distinguished -> Becomes Contributor and change main color (Red..)
  • Bot -> Main color change (White...)
  • Banned -> Automated and change main color (White...)
  • Former Staff -> Main color change (White...)
  • Donor -> Main color change (White...)
  • Honorable -> Main color change (Gold...)
  • Premium -> Main color change (Gold...)
  • Manager -> Becomes Chief of Staff and change main color (Orange...) (It's like a Management assistant, its responsibilities, access and benefits will evolve over time...)
  • Forum Manager -> Added
  • Discord Manager -> Added
  • Wiki Manager -> Main color change (Purple...)
  • P-Server Owner -> Automated, available in primary rank and now has an icon
  • Seller -> Automated, available in primary rank and now has an icon


Lots of ranks but few members want to get involved (In the M2Dev Staff...) in the community. These ranks are available and applications remain open... -> Join the M2Dev Team 😏

I also programmed new scripts, new cron jobs (Invision doesn't offer these features...)😩 These ranks (Banned, Nitro Booster, P-Server Owner and Seller...) will now be assigned (And removed...) to members automatically. The script differentiates between the primary rank and the secondary ranks and gives and / or removes the rank(s) depending on the internal settings. Also, depending on the rank, the link is automatically added and / or deleted in the custom profile field. 😅 Ranks are updated regularly.






Summary Thread

Do you remember this? Summary Thread! Special mention to @ VegaS™ (Again...) for writing a tool to analyze the database to generate this summary. 💪 At the time, none of the topics were sorted and categorized. Today, after sorting and cleaning up this end of the year, I can automate the whole process of creating this summary. The summary is updated daily (In the original @ VegaS™ thread...). Also, tags and prefixes are used to differentiate special topics. 🤪




Ad System

You may have noticed that the purchase of advertisements had been deactivated for a few weeks. Indeed, all this time, I was thinking about how to improve the system. Also, to simplify the advertisements system. 😇

Now you no longer choose the advertisement by its location, but by its size. With the new ad system, the small and large format alternate between them across all ad locations (Header, Footer, Topic, Forum...).  Also, a price change regarding the advertising system, on average, prices have been halved. 💸

Eventually, if the small format becomes popular, the large format will be disabled.



  • Header & Footer (1, 3, 6 and 12 Months... ~20,00 EUR for one month and the price is decreasing according to the duration...)
  • Topic & Forum (1, 3, 6 and 12 Months... ~20,00 EUR for one month and the price is decreasing according to the duration...)
  • Header & Footer & Topic & Forum (1, 3, 6 and 12 Months... ~40,00 EUR for one month and the price is decreasing according to the duration...)


  • Small Advertisement 320 * 100 (1, 3, 6 and 12 Months... ~10,00 EUR for one month and the price is decreasing according to the duration...)
  • Large Advertisement 728 * 90 (1, 3, 6 and 12 Months... ~15,00 EUR for one month and the price is decreasing according to the duration...)




All the themes have been organized, hierarchically, in relation to the main theme. This makes it easier to manage theme templates, child themes inherit changes from the parent theme.



Two new badges have been added, Perfect and God. They are obtained respectively at 20,000 and 30,000 points, You earn points by being active in our community. 



I develop more and more external scripts around the Invision forum engine to automate tasks. Yes, I don't develop applications or plugins on Invision's software, I don't want... 😏 Often, Invision doesn't provide the features I want, or they don't match my needs for managing this community.


PS -> Don't forget to empty the cache of your internet browser, in order to take advantage of the latest novelties.

With love,

  • Metin2 Dev 3
  • Good 1
  • Love 1
  • Love 9

If you want to contact the M2Dev team, please open a ticket on the Discord server...


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