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Hi! :)

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Thank you all!

PC gaming begins with Age of Empires 2 then started Metin2 in 2008.

Interested in creating maps, game/level designer, quest writing.

No programming knowledge but used to read how to get the most out of my pc, or at least I try.

My background is about social science, geopolitics, sales, decision process management.


I'm here basically because I wanted to make some maps for fun. I noticed the ones I see in some servers are lacking of details and meaining. Why don't you try? I said to myself.


I would also like to share my secret metin2 wish with you because I see a lot of potential in metin2 game structure.

With courage and dedication, there are some work in progress pricnciples the could be applied for a new server let's say:

- the only one path for get things done (as building up your character) is not cool at all

- stop to the lazyness to don't assign a real purpose for everything already existing in the game (before adding more stuffs)

- the pool of potential players lost because the metinstones-farming system (I'm talking about choices!)

- The storyline/quest/missions/ must not be even more understimated

- The stats on items shouldn't be done as a "slot-machine" system for multiple reasons (go to a casino if you like that)

- Real money can buy just 1 thing. (It's not costumes, i see them only as funny one for events)

- ... hidden content ... ?


Bye! ?

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