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[ Dead Download Link ] [RELEASE] FyrosCore V2.1 and binarie V1.0 [ We Need You ]


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Hello friends. 
I have seen the project began while Vanilla is out to get off, and I decided to make a 40k version of the game with support here in the forum. Currently working in the core Jfirewall and Pyros recommend you heap up a few more bug problems and find them better faster advance the project without further delay I comment like this project.
Any suggestion or bug can report the post or by skype

+/dice bug fix
+/warp bug fix
+Polymorph bug fixed
+Invisibility bug fixed
+Removed the minimum level write to the chat (soon to be configurable)
+Added global chat (coming configurable in config).
+Ip internal fix
+Shutdown_fix (can only be used by an implementor Gm ).
+Stone Bug Fix
+Fix bug It can not be added or changed on a bonus equipped item.
+Bug the hp y sp revive negative  modifique in config
+Bug Disable the use of 6 and 7 bonus costumes fix
+New inventory system of multi-v1.
+Many minor warning fixed.
+License disabled.
+A little better memory management.
+Switchbot detection (when detected off the user).
+Add new funtions in quest
+Now with the death sentence detects kill both users mob.
+Horse and mount fix damage
+Change time bonus configurable (default 1 min).

+ Not use txt
+ Fix minor bug home (Sometimes overlooked when starting any core dumped).
For both BD and Game settings have been added to more unnecessary to use diff.
Config (Game)
+ NUM_INVENTARIOS:(Number between 1 and 20 inclusive, the default is 4) Just configure the game to support that number of inventories. If for example usais June 1st you will have to make the corresponding implementation in the client inventory 6.
+ 67_COSTUMES: 1 or 0, 0 is deactivated and the active one.
+ LIMIT_SP: Number of type int, sets the limit for the user sp logearse.
+ LIMIT_HP: Number of type int, sets the limit for the user hp logearse.
+ KILL_GLOBAL: 0 or 1, 0 to disable and 1 for enable.
+ TIEMPO_ENTRE_CAMBIOS: Number of type int, sets the wait time between changes.
+ TIEMPO_CAMBIO: Number of type int, sets the time "ON SECONDS" is allowed between changes.
Conf (BD)
+ USAR_TXT: 1 or 0, 1 to enable the use of txt and 0 to disable.

I accept reviews, provided help to improve the game. I'm totally open to new ideas to add systems. 
If someone wants to take or publish this contribution in another forum, talk to me to prepare a post and offer support that forum too.
Binarie (terezo) Edit source:

+ DirectX 8 -> 9
+ Python 2.2.15 -> 2.7.6
+ Granny ->
+ Boost 1.43.0 -> 1.55.0
+ DevIL 1.6.1 -> 1.7.8
+ Crypto++ 5.6.1 -> 5.6.2
+ LZO 2.03 -> 2.06
+ JPEG Lib 6b -> 9a
+ Compatible with the core
+ Performance Optimization (visual)
+ Colors in chat
+ 4 inventory configure game in 4 inventory to avoid errors.
+ Fix to fully support the core. (should not miss this package provided it is using my core)
Funtions In quest
Item Type:
Type Npc:



(/usr/lib, /usr/lib32 and /lib)


Libs : https://mega.co.nz/#!isRX1Txa!taZ4H_JVylCIGbkZA_rIEKEg0INaAaeiW-OEsuQAPKA

Binarie :
30-08-2014 ------> v1
31-08-2014 ------> v1.1 (Repair meroes bug db and game). Added libraries for the game.)
01-09-2014 ------> Versión 2 del core.
05-09-2014 ------> Version 2.1 del core y v1 del binarie.


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Its possible use with FreeBSD 8.2???

You can implement the function to do something like this: when die begin and when buy begin like vanilla?

What does the function equip() and set_count()?

Thanks for share and good work!


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