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Serversrc file editing




i have a question. How do you guys edit your serversrc files? Grab them from your server and edit them with e.g. NP++? Only Edit them locally (and then how?) and update them on your server via git? Or do you prefer a Windows Server and edit them directly in VS?

Would be nice to get your experience with this stuff. 🙂

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You can open the server src in VisualStudio for editing, even if you ony compile in FreeBSD. There's an sln file, but you can make your own.
I usually does that when installing a new system. For quick edits I (and probably most people) simply use np++ or Visual Studio Code.

Using git is a good way for version control and even for backups, when you notice an unexpected error and don't know when you made it, you can go back to older versions for checking when it occurs.

Actually all your question are depends on the people, but I recommend using git and Visual Studio too since the IDE provides some convenience features.

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