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Is it possible to enlarge a model?



Hi community, so for example I would like to make some metin stone larger size than it is now, is it possible?  Can someone help me?

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I see two possible options:

  1. You can increase the 3d model itself (needs 3d moddelling experience)
  2. You can use the growth pet system's scale function (needs medium c++ skills)

For the second solution there is the public version of growth pet system posted to several forum and it uses the scaling function like this:

	if(m_dwRace == 34041 ||m_dwRace == 34045 || m_dwRace == 34049 ||m_dwRace == 34053){
		float scale = c_rkCreateData.m_dwLevel * 0.005f + 0.75f;
		m_GraphicThingInstance.SetScaleNew(scale, scale, scale);

As you see you can perfectly adapt it's scaling for anything, like metinstones by id. You don't need to install the whole system, it's enough to extract the scaling function. (The whole system is pretty bad regarding the quality of code but the scaling is ok.)

It's on you how you'll do it. Good luck.

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You can use the preprocessor to do so. However enlarging models for the sake of enlarging is commonly a bad practice. The best is to dynamicaly (so c++) adjust it and adjust the bounding sphere / hitbox as well. xP3NG3R and Maso worked on it, maybe it is for sale now I am not sure.

coming soon

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