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Hi Everyone!

There are many functions that can make the mob move after spawning (mainly dungeons). In this way, however, it is possible to move it later and queue more movements in a row.
The idea is to spawn a mob by giving it a series of paths and, in case, to queue others.
Obviously you will have to keep the monster vid in a variable if you want to move it again.





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Very good that it was released. We called it AI back then. With a shortcut, we could click on an NPC, monster, or player and then walk with their body and use skills. We used that to use patrols around map1 .. I mean one npc or more that controlled Map1. This system is very useful for a story.

We also used it with Pets. For example, we had a dungeon, the entrance of which was very narrow for the players, and so you could "swap bodies" with pet. As a pet you could of course complete the quests or teleport yourself.

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Ymir Entertainment was founded in 1999 in Seoul, Korea and 
is currently headed by Byoung Gwan Kim as CEO. The company 
started developing its first 2D online game Metin the same 
year it was founded. The game was commercially launched in 
Korea a year later and received a prize from the Korean 
                    Ministry of Information and Communication in December of the 
                    same year. Following the success of their flagship game Ymir 
                    Entertainment immediately started work on the game’s sequel 
                    Metin 2, which went into Closed Beta in Korea in May 2004. 
                    The game was officially launched in Korea and China in March 
                    2005 before being launched in Asia, Europe and North America 
                    in the years that followed. In January 2011 all of the company’s 
                    shares were bought by Webzen Inc., a Korean game giant known for 
                    their popular MMORPG, MU Online. The company was also awarded 
                    Gameforge’s Global Best Partner of the Year in 2011.
                    Source: https://mmos.com/publishers/ymir-entertainment
                    Thank you ymir 🙂 ❤️ and F*** you Gameforge, 2011 you ruined it.


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It looks nice, but only a begining what I expecting. Thanks for the release. 

I am think about the collisions and its only client side, so i'm true way only  getting navmesh from client side and  checking collisions when mob moving, yes I know its hard to implement, but we look into future.😀


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Best regards, Arlinamid

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