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[HowTo] Import/Export Model with Noesis and 3ds Max

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Hi Everyone!

Hello Community,

I make this little tutorial, for all the people who wants to try modelling or modifying a Metin2 models

This video only intoduce gr2 -> fbx with Noesis, after that import fbx files to 3ds max , and exporting model to gr2.

I make 2 video about the process easy way, but keep eye on  parameters, switchers in every program.

For helping I upload to my mega folders  some files

  • 3ds Max 2018 granny export plugin
  • whole noesis 4.44  with export/import plugin
  • 2 video file about the process
  • export settings to granny export in 3ds MAX

I.  Converting gr2 files to FBX

exporting option with  animation


Exporting option without animation


In the video you will see it I paired a model with animation, because sometime the model doesnt have it all the bones. I think its important.



II. Importing  FBX files

With animation importing   @.plechito' makes a really usefull tutorial in here 

Only few thing In my video I show you howto set 3ds MAX 2018 eg. UNITS setup

Set all things into centimeter 


In exporting set all the things  what i'm make if you DONT have animation in a fbx files, if you have it  In animation import you haveto choose Noesis frames


After all that click on OK , and your model finally imported to 3ds MAX 2018 😄

III. Exporting from 3ds Max

After you  make your pretty modification in the model you have to exporting

In my way. I select all things what i wanna export,

  • In the export menu tick out animation if you didnt want to ( It usefull if you wanna make model with animation)
  • Thick out  Move Origins in Animation and Model submenu
  • In Meshes submenu, deselect all the bones
  • At the texture submenu thick out include, because it build it the texture into .gr2


I think thats all. If you have question send me a letter or find in discord, or leave a message somewhere 😄

Have a nice day.




   I added some exporting setting to mega folder, you can use it exporting setup 

  • exporting model
  • exporting animation
  • exporting move animation
  • exporting dead animation
  •  exporting static model


Update 25.03.2022

- added 64 bit support for Granny2 plugin, you should place granny2_x64.dll in noesis root folder.

-following @.plechito' logic i've added  path for looking for textures eg. If warrior_m.gr2 textures is missing is looking for d:\ymir work\pc\warrior .

Update 24.03.2022

I'm updating Noesis Granny plugin now adding texture to the fbx material,  so in your 3d application  (Noesis, Blender, 3dsmax) you can see texture correctly.

if you wanna download just a plugin  you can find it here 

This is the hidden content, please

you have to copying the file to Noesis/plugin/python folder










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added 64bit support noesis granny2 plugin
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Best regards, Arlinamid

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Thanks for sharing bro!

But I have little problem.


I can convert many GR2 files to FBX without any problems. But I can't convert a gr2 file with version 2.8 I have. What is the reason of this?




It's a GR2 file that is very important to me, but I couldn't convert it to FBX 😕

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11 minutes ago, StarSoul said:

I know that, how would I export it from Blender into and .gr2 file? 

I'm not familiar with Blender, but google is your friend. I haven't found a good exporter for blender yet, but I'm sure there is. Check first on github.


Best regards, Arlinamid

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Any idea about this error?

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\User\Downloads\Updated Noesis export
plugin\shared_3d_exporting\noesis\noesis\plugins\python\fmt_GR2re ader126.py", line 3372, in noepyLoadModel
texList, matList = LoadMeshData(model)
File "C:\Users\User\Downloads\Updated Noesis export
ader126.py", line 3105, in LoadMeshData
index.append(model.Bones.BoneNames.index(boneName)) ValueError: 'Bip01 Head' is not in list

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