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Fix New Waithack Method

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Hey guys,

maybe you heard already about a new waithack method with poisonous cloud and some other stuff.
i don´t want to go into details and just share a potential fix for that 🙂
(i could not test it completly so some feedback is appreciated)


in char.h

// below bool bUsed;

    bool    bSkillCD;
    DWORD   dwHitCount;

// add after bUsed(false),

bSkillCD(false), dwHitCount(0),

// below bool HitOnce(DWORD dwVnum = 0);

    bool    IsSkillCooldown(DWORD dwVnum, float fSkillPower);

// above void ResetSkill();

        bool                IsSkillCooldown(DWORD dwVnum, float fSkillPower) { return m_SkillUseInfo[dwVnum].IsSkillCooldown(dwVnum, fSkillPower) ? true : false; }


in char_skill.cpp

// above bool TSkillUseInfo::UseSkill(bool isGrandMaster, DWORD vid, DWORD dwCooltime, int splashcount, int hitcount, int range)

bool TSkillUseInfo::IsSkillCooldown(DWORD dwVnum, float fSkillPower)
    DWORD maxHitCount = 0;
        if (dwVnum == SKILL_KWANKYEOK)
            maxHitCount = static_cast<DWORD>(2 + floor(6 * fSkillPower));
        else if (dwVnum == SKILL_HORSE_WILDATTACK_RANGE)
            maxHitCount = 5;


        if (dwHitCount > maxHitCount)
            return true;
        return false;

    if (!bSkillCD)
        return true;

    bSkillCD = false;
    return bSkillCD;

// below bUsed = true;

    bSkillCD = true;
    dwHitCount = 0;


in char_battle.cpp

// above LPITEM pkBow, pkArrow;

            if (m_bType > 0 && m_me->IsSkillCooldown(m_bType, static_cast<float> (m_me->GetSkillPower(m_bType) / 100.0f)))


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41 minutes ago, flexio said:

good idea but you forgot to archer skills with multiple hits. Example Arrow Shower will shot only once

yeah you´re right.

i had this case not in my mind. i will adapt it in next days when i have some free time.

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SKILL_KWANKYEOK and SKILL_HORSE_WILDATTACK_RANGE are sending more than one packet.

maximum of possible packets which are computed is now calculated properly.

and yeah it could probably be solved better without using bSkillCD

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