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Hybrid2 | The Legend of Ancients | International | Quality Server | 19 February 6:00 PM


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Dear Community,

We would like to introduce the Hybrid2 International Server.

The server will be opened on 19.02.2021 18:00 CET.

Our website(Presentation):

Our Discord server:
Our Facebook:

The Hybrid2 development team consists of 5 people. All of us speak English.

What you need to know about us is that we have known each other for a very long time, have a very good relationship and we are all absolute maximalists.
The server is built on the highest quality and the gameplay itself is quality, not towed, not boring, perfectly worked out, designed and tested.


Hybrid2 has been around for about a year and a half, so far we haven't given any sign of life, we didn't want to advertise for months, completely unnecessary.

At the bottom of the post you will find the details of our website, where you can read our full presentation and get information about our server.
Also at the bottom you will find our Discord server, where we will give you a lot of additional information until the opening.


We would also like to share some basic information about the details of our game here:


Contents :

- Lv.125 Maximum level
- Medium-Hard gameplay (A non-monotonous, but long gameplay)
- International server with multiple languages
- Quality Anticheat. There will be no cheaters on Hybrid
- Quality and fast support, who has problems will not be left without help on the server!
- +9 starting equipment, missions and starting boxes up to Lv.110
- 6 channels
- Fast channel changer
- Meteors and bosses are highlighted in different colors on the map
- Bosses spawn globally at 20-30 minute intervals, while meteors spawn at 0.5-2 minute intervals
- The best switchbot currently known to many
- Lycan is available as a 5th playable class. Lycans are also globally rebalanced
- Permanent Bravery Cape
- Sun and Moon elixirs
- Globally improved attack speed for all characters. (More attack speed->more attacks, no limits, no bugs).
- Buff abilities last for 4 days and remain after death. (If you die twice within 15 seconds, it disappears, just like when you die in PvP. We made it this way so the buffs represent value).
- In addition to intelligence, some abilities of shamans with buffs are also affected by strength and dexterity (we want it to make sense to level a shaman character)
- Attack + ability of the healing shaman is boosted.
- Meteorites and bosses drop small bars. These can be instantly refilled with right click. (15.000 - 10.000.000 Yang)
- Stones that fall from meteorites can be sold for Yang
- Quick sell option with CTRL+right click
- Quick pickup option in ESC menu with filters
- Special inventory available from inventory (Will be shown in presentation)
- Switcher Box (Contains 250 switcher, can be crafted and opened) for easy storage
- Alchemy system with mythical alchemies and mythical alchemy bonus.
- Duration of all legendary and mythical alchemies is set to 7 days.
- Rarity system - each item has a rarity and based on the rarity the bonuses give higher values to an item (exception: basic attack value and basic defense for items)
- Won system with fast instant exchange function located on the value display board
- Offline shop system with offline store search. Store system also supports Won system
- Remotely accessible storage
- Anti-EXP function
- Coupon system (We return lost items with this system)
- Chest drop searcher
- Drop finder (With listed percentages and picture models of monsters / meteors that can drop the desired item)
- Aura system (Similar to the sash system, you can add accessories to your aura instead of weapons and armor)
- Pet stays with you after teleport
- Growth pet system (you can have 2 pets at the same time)
- 14 available dungeons - including the famous Zodiac Temple and Ship Defense (Hydra).
- A dungeon store is available for each dungeon. You can buy valuable items for dungeon tokens that each dungeon drops
- Transparent, not too fancy user interface
- Advanced system settings (fog, night, snowfall, snowy maps, effects, offline shops, drop names, pets, NPC names can be turned on or off)
- Preview System - you can see all weapons, armor, costumes, mounts, pets in a 3D model when you mouse over an item. This feature can also be turned off.
- Talisman system - Can be bonused with normal switches, but has its own bonuses. They can be upgraded up to +100
- Boss, meteor and monster talismans
- Sash system - Maximum 30% ABS rate. Custom sashes have a maximum ABS rate of 15% when you create them.
- Hybrid2 pearl system - Meteors and bosses drop hybrid pearls. You can use them to repurchase your starter and quest items after they expire.
- The game can be completed without item store items. All item store items that offer bonuses are also purchasable in-game.
- Battle Zone System - Every Sunday at 20:00 ST.
- Many unique events that will be added to the server from time to time
- Detailed teleport ring
- Gaya market with only valuable items
- Alchemy bonus changer
- Permanent dews, elixirs and dragon god items
- Low level items can be exchanged with tickets. For the tickets you will receive a chest containing all low-level items
- Reworked biology system
- Bonusable costumes
- You can run through monsters, they don't block you
- Skill color system. All P-level skills can be colored at will (no special item required)
- Bonus list interface
- Each monster has strength and defense values, which can be seen in the target info field
- Each monster and meteor shows the drop rate of the items
- In-game event calendar system
- Increased duration of ores (we don't have permanent ores, but the duration is much longer)
- New quest and crafting interfaces
- Belt system
- Improved gameplay on higher levels with new maps and new equipment

This is the basic information. We may have forgotten some things, but the post will be long enough already.
Of course, this content can also be seen in our presentation, which can be found on our website.


If you want to play on a new quality server that has unique gameplay and stable servers without laggs and crashes, your place is on Hybrid2!

Thank you for reading our post! If you have any questions, we are available on our Discord server!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Dear Community,

Only 2 hours are left until our opening.

At 6:00 PM CET, everyone will be able to start their journeys on Hybrid. We can't stand waiting you to play on our server!

We would like to share some informations with the community:

We are developing the Hybrid2 since 2019 summer.
We invested thousands of hard-working hours into the server.
We have put our hearts into the server, hopefully we will provide an exciting and quality game for the community.

We hope that our server will be the one of the biggest internationals and lots of people will join us.

We are waiting everyone at 6:00PM CET with a lot of love to our server. ❤️

The ones who didn't join yet on your discord, join now if you would like to receive quality and fast support!

You can register and download the client anytime on our website!

Hybrid2 Team

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