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Reversed CDragonSoulTable & CGroupTextParseTreeLoader

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Hi devs!


Might be usefull for some of you. The code is not well optimised(i guess), but tested and worked.

I'm planning to use the CGroupTextParseTreeLoader in the future, so this why I implemented it into the binary.

Basically this is used for the dragonsoul setbonus calculation, in these functions:

  • item.GetDSSetWeight(dsType, grade)
  • item.GetDSBasicApplyCount(dsType, grade)
  • item.GetDSBasicApplyValue(dsType, type)
  • item.GetDSAdditionalApplyValue(dsType, type)


This will not give you the full dragon soul set bonus as a new content.

Before the implementation, don't forget to make backup, in case of rage.


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Old request topic:


Have fun,

Peace out.

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