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Reworked Character Window

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As you might know I was working on a Reworked version of the character window for a long time. I shared some of my progress on Discord and today I am relasing it to public. I am not gonna write any detailed guide here on how to implement it as there is enough information written in the file itself both on how to install and how to configure it. All you need to know is there are two different versions: base version is the first video I shared and the equipment set version is the second video. To implement equipment set version you need to make some changes in the server source. Base version can be implemented without doing any changes in the server source. Hope you all like it!


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On 11/8/2020 at 8:21 AM, DevBlade said:



I'm getting this kind of error:



It's a render target bug, go to EterLib/CRenderTarget.cpp and change RenderBackground



void CRenderTarget::RenderBackground() const
    if (!m_visible)

    if (!m_background)

    auto& rectRender = *m_renderTargetTexture->GetRenderingRect();


    //const auto width = static_cast<float>(rectRender.right - rectRender.left);
    //const auto height = static_cast<float>(rectRender.bottom - rectRender.top);

    //CPythonGraphic::Instance().SetViewport(0.0f, 0.0f, width, height);


Anyway, I advise you to go to the original post and look for some fixes found there

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Somebody who add this system, i need some help with it. 

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After adding base of the code I'm getting this in syserr 



uiNewCharacter.py(line:82) <module>
uiNewCharacter.py(line:109) NewCharacterWindow

networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>:'module' object has no attribute 'EQUIPMENT_SHIELD'


Any solutions?

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