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Community Answers

  1. Using this patcher 5 years and I never had problem same as my players.. Never problem with antivirus...
  2. 54lv armor with 61lv texture and cloak like sura :DD but like it, maybe share too version without cloak
  3. Tested works fine! Thanks! Here is better tutorial + small redesign code (TABs, space, only for eyes) Serverside: Clientside: Edit: btw. one little think.. Check your client source for DAMAGE_FIRE + DAMAGE_BLEEDING flag.. You must change your code if you dont have it..
  4. I dont know if anyone use this things.. So far better is complete delete it..
  5. I think can be something like this.. Because I never got black screen after fix, but if I can "get" black screen (10 hours+ in game) Im kicked.. I test it 3x and same problem just Im kicked before I can got black screen... Game is compiled clean from kraizy same as client, only for test.. I think there is something more bad.. Game is overflowed with something more.. Im not sure where is problem because I try debug and nothing happen.. I dont have too much deep knowledges for more.. But for me is this problem really strange because I use clean game for test... Today I test it on my game.. So I write feedback too late..
  6. No, client works fine.. I'm kicked to login before black screen.. So I never got black screen but insta kick to login..
  7. Me too Marty fix works fine but this is only part.. I have strange bug with first part. I dont have problem with black screen but with kick if black screen cooming.. My cpu is 30%+ up if cooming black screen. I think this is not easy to safe with one line.. There is more things bad than granny controller. M
  8. I dont say anything on you or your fix *WTF.. You only dont understand.. I said I dont got black screen but kick.. So your fix works! But I think missing code or something because before I can got black screen, my char is kicked.. I think there is more than your fix.. And yes Im not pro, but Marty said he is not sure where is problem for sure and you safe it one of long time ago problem with one line??????!!! Respect if anyone say feedback.. Can be usefull for all.. Just with your code is no problem but game is not fit.. I dont have too much experiences with debug but I think there is overflow with some things.. Edit: Second kick before black screen.. Game works fine without lags without black screen but kicking if come black screen...
  9. I think this works for all effects... Because you refresh all effects thats works for skills, effects just member things.. I dont have problem with this fix, works real time fine.. I have problem only with first fix.. And no my problem is black screen but kick after overflow.. I think missing some code.. Because if I "can" got blackscreen I got simply kick... Tested with clean mainline and still same problem with all tests..
  10. Thats my question up.. But I think not too much.. I tested it and I dont see different.. 5% cpu up with cpu mode.. But I think modern pc use gpu in settings for rendering... You can use 2nd way in realtime..
  11. Search: if (dwCurrentTime > s_uiNextFrameTime) This: if (dwCurrentTime > s_uiNextFrameTime) { int dt = dwCurrentTime - s_uiNextFrameTime; int nAdjustTime = ((float)dt / (float)uiFrameTime) * uiFrameTime; if ( dt >= 500 ) { s_uiNextFrameTime += nAdjustTime; printf("FrameSkip 보정 %d\n",nAdjustTime); CTimer::Instance().Adjust(nAdjustTime); } s_bFrameSkip = true; bCurrentLateUpdate = TRUE; } //s_bFrameSkip = false; //if (dwCurrentTime > s_uiNextFrameTime) //{ // int dt = dwCurrentTime - s_uiNextFrameTime; // //너무 늦었을 경우 따라잡는다. // //그리고 m_dwCurUpdateTime는 delta인데 delta랑 absolute time이랑 비교하면 어쩌자는겨? // //if (dt >= 500 || m_dwCurUpdateTime > s_uiNextFrameTime) // //기존코드대로 하면 0.5초 이하 차이난 상태로 update가 지속되면 계속 rendering frame skip발생 // if (dt >= 500 || m_dwCurUpdateTime > s_uiNextFrameTime) // { // s_uiNextFrameTime += dt / uiFrameTime * uiFrameTime; // printf("FrameSkip 보정 %d\n", dt / uiFrameTime * uiFrameTime); // CTimer::Instance().Adjust((dt / uiFrameTime) * uiFrameTime); // s_bFrameSkip = true; // } //} if (m_isFrameSkipDisable) s_bFrameSkip = false; #ifdef __VTUNE__ s_bFrameSkip = false; #endif /* static bool s_isPrevFrameSkip=false; static DWORD s_dwFrameSkipCount=0; static DWORD s_dwFrameSkipEndTime=0; static DWORD ERROR_FRAME_SKIP_COUNT = 60*5; static DWORD ERROR_FRAME_SKIP_TIME = ERROR_FRAME_SKIP_COUNT*18; //static DWORD MAX_FRAME_SKIP=0; if (IsActive()) { DWORD dwFrameSkipCurTime=ELTimer_GetMSec(); if (s_bFrameSkip) { // 이전 프레임도 스킵이라면.. if (s_isPrevFrameSkip) { if (s_dwFrameSkipEndTime==0) { s_dwFrameSkipCount=0; // 프레임 체크는 로딩 대비 s_dwFrameSkipEndTime=dwFrameSkipCurTime+ERROR_FRAME_SKIP_TIME; // 시간 체크는 로딩후 프레임 스킵 체크 //printf("FrameSkipCheck Start\n"); } ++s_dwFrameSkipCount; //if (MAX_FRAME_SKIP<s_dwFrameSkipCount) // MAX_FRAME_SKIP=s_dwFrameSkipCount; //printf("u %d c %d/%d t %d\n", // dwUpdateTime9-dwUpdateTime1, // s_dwFrameSkipCount, // MAX_FRAME_SKIP, // s_dwFrameSkipEndTime); //#ifndef _DEBUG // 일정 시간동안 계속 프레임 스킵만 한다면... if (s_dwFrameSkipCount>ERROR_FRAME_SKIP_COUNT && s_dwFrameSkipEndTime<dwFrameSkipCurTime) { s_isPrevFrameSkip=false; s_dwFrameSkipEndTime=0; s_dwFrameSkipCount=0; //m_pyNetworkStream.AbsoluteExitGame(); /* TraceError("무한 프레임 스킵으로 접속을 종료합니다"); { FILE* fp=fopen("errorlog.txt", "w"); if (fp) { fprintf(fp, "FRAMESKIP\n"); fprintf(fp, "Total %d\n", dwUpdateTime9-dwUpdateTime1); fprintf(fp, "Timer %d\n", dwUpdateTime2-dwUpdateTime1); fprintf(fp, "Network %d\n", dwUpdateTime3-dwUpdateTime2); fprintf(fp, "Keyboard %d\n", dwUpdateTime4-dwUpdateTime3); fprintf(fp, "Controll %d\n", dwUpdateTime5-dwUpdateTime4); fprintf(fp, "Resource %d\n", dwUpdateTime6-dwUpdateTime5); fprintf(fp, "Camera %d\n", dwUpdateTime7-dwUpdateTime6); fprintf(fp, "Mouse %d\n", dwUpdateTime8-dwUpdateTime7); fprintf(fp, "UI %d\n", dwUpdateTime9-dwUpdateTime8); fclose(fp); WinExec("errorlog.exe", SW_SHOW); } } } } s_isPrevFrameSkip=true; } else { s_isPrevFrameSkip=false; s_dwFrameSkipCount=0; s_dwFrameSkipEndTime=0; } } else { s_isPrevFrameSkip=false; s_dwFrameSkipCount=0; s_dwFrameSkipEndTime=0; } */ (Comments and __VTUNE__ can be deleted) replace with this: if (dwCurrentTime > s_uiNextFrameTime) { int dt = dwCurrentTime - s_uiNextFrameTime; int nAdjustTime = ((float)dt / (float)uiFrameTime) * uiFrameTime; if (dt >= 500) { s_uiNextFrameTime += nAdjustTime; CTimer::Instance().Adjust(nAdjustTime); } if (!m_isFrameSkipDisable) s_bFrameSkip = true; bCurrentLateUpdate = TRUE; } if (m_isMinimizedWnd) CEffectManager::Instance().Update(); if (m_isFrameSkipDisable && !m_isMinimizedWnd) s_bFrameSkip = false; Edit for understanding.. You just add this: if (m_isMinimizedWnd) CEffectManager::Instance().Update(); under this: if (dwCurrentTime > s_uiNextFrameTime) { int dt = dwCurrentTime - s_uiNextFrameTime; int nAdjustTime = ((float)dt / (float)uiFrameTime) * uiFrameTime; if ( dt >= 500 ) { s_uiNextFrameTime += nAdjustTime; printf("FrameSkip 보정 %d\n",nAdjustTime); CTimer::Instance().Adjust(nAdjustTime); } s_bFrameSkip = true; bCurrentLateUpdate = TRUE; } + this: if (m_isFrameSkipDisable) s_bFrameSkip = false; change to this: if (m_isFrameSkipDisable && !m_isMinimizedWnd) s_bFrameSkip = false; Thats all.. 2nd way refresh for every frame..
  12. UserInterface/PythonApplication.cpp here is martysama fix for expired skills..
  13. Do not use pkg.. Download cryptopp from official page and compile.. Link is up posted by me.. WTF. New versions freebsd doesnt support old packages..
  14. So tested 12 hours... 1. After 12 hours I got kick.. Doesnt work.. @ Distraught 2. Works fine, thanks @ martysama0134 Edit: So tested with network bridge without net.. Source clean kraizy mainline without any modification (build only for test) I don't got black screen but something is bad because game no freeze but kicking..

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