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So today ill get started with my Tutorial videos .

Here you can find English Tutorials which will help you to get start on creating a metin2 server.

I couldnt think anything else so i made the first video on (HOW TO ADD ITEMS ON SHOPS)

Ill probably release a video everyday if i have your help :)

How to make a metin2 pserver (HAMACHI)




How to add items on shops:

NOTE : run this command after doing all the steps in the video

/etc/rc.d/netif restart

How to connect through navicat (hamachi)

How to connect throught ftp ( filezilla etc. )

HOW to make queries (easy way)

Keep this post alive ! in order to do that give me ideas related to the most common question of someone who wants to creat his server!

Post in this thread some ideas so i can continue making videos!

Best regards


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Maybe you should start from the beginning, therewith installing and setting up serverfiles, mysql modifications, etc. If I know it well, there isn't any beginner tutorials in this forum, so it can be a hard thing here if someone would like to start from scratch.


i want to do that because of it , because there are no beginners tuts. and ill do that .

i just members helps for the videos . i mean ideas on what should i creat video . so tommorow ill create video on installing serverfiles etc.


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