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Community Answers

  1. this was the case but somehow it changed ... Now it's updated !!
  2. File "ui.py", line 80, in __call__ OnPickItem() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given) read the error !!!!!
  3. show me real error message ... see if their is a ".core" file and back trace it c++11 and above
  4. i'll rewrite the whole file today or tomorrow maximum .. i just wanted to see if actually someone want it ...
  5. sorry i edited the file after putting the link .. didn't thought that the link will change! thanks for noticing
  6. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) I edited Async Class to use C++ Standard mutex and thread support AsyncSQL.h ASyncSQL.cpp plus if you have this line in main.cpp inside the main function inside the db core source delete it DBManager.Quit(); this line will close MySQL connections before making sure that all the queries are done (which may not save the last thing a player do before closing the server) plus it will dump a core file since the db core will abort without successful exit! #edited Using std::gurad (which unlock the mutex when the object is destroyed) instead of manually lock and unlock mutex rewrote the Profiler class with std::chrono #Note : Don't just copy and paste .. make a backup , test , then use it Best regards.
  7. now putting that animation in quest when giving the player a reward will be fantastic right?
  8. upgrading libraries has it's own advantages such as speed and optimizing but upgrading the models them self doesn't benefits much unless you have the full granny source .. so i think the answer is no
  9. "Linux® users are often surprised to find that Bash is not the default shell in FreeBSD. In fact, Bash is not included in the default installation." don't get me wrong but FreeBSD is not at risk .. aside from that Thank you <3
  10. okay my bad "change : to = in "-std:c++11 " it should look like this -std=c++11
  11. what is not working ? show us the error
  12. CFLAGS = -m32 -g -Wall -O2 -pipe -fexceptions -fno-strict-aliasing -pthread -D_THREAD_SAFE -DNDEBUG -std:c++11 please stop spamming and put all that code in spoiler or just remove it from the topic .. and please read some books or some documentations about programming
  13. for your specific problem right now .. put it in the game's makefile

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