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Class MoveImageBox

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hace 34 minutos, ragem0re dijo:

published long time ago:


or is there any improvement?


What Ken published is nothing.


hace 50 minutos, Exygo dijo:

What does this do?

This is what it does: 


This is only a rendering of an image, published by Mijago with FineListBox for his last switchbot.


This is what I mean with Mijago's FineListBox:


This is what it does:



Otherwise thanks for the release.

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Okay xD yours might be a bit better mine after some reverse engineering looked more like this


	void CMoveImageBox::SetMovePosition (float x, float y)
		if (x == m_vec2TargetPos.x)	{

		if (x == m_vec2TargetPos.y)	{

		if (m_rect.top == m_vec2StartingPos.x) {

		if (m_rect.right == m_vec2StartingPos.y) {

		m_vec2StartingPos.x = m_rect.top;
		m_vec2StartingPos.y = m_rect.right;

		m_vec2TargetPos.x = x;
		m_vec2TargetPos.y = y;

		m_vec2NormalizedPos.x = m_vec2TargetPos.x - m_vec2StartingPos.x;
		m_vec2NormalizedPos.y = m_vec2TargetPos.y - m_vec2StartingPos.y;

		m_fMoveDist = m_vec2NormalizedPos.y * m_vec2NormalizedPos.y	+
					  m_vec2NormalizedPos.x * m_vec2NormalizedPos.x;

		D3DXVec2Normalize (&m_vec2NormalizedPos, &m_vec2NormalizedPos);

		if (m_pImageInstance && (m_vec2StartingPos.x != m_vec2NextMovePos.x	|| m_vec2StartingPos.y != m_vec2NextMovePos.y))
			float fDist = sqrt (m_vec2DistanceFromStart.y * m_vec2DistanceFromStart.y +
								m_vec2DistanceFromStart.x * m_vec2DistanceFromStart.x);

			m_vec2NextMovePos.x = m_vec2NormalizedPos.x * fDist;
			m_vec2NextMovePos.y = m_vec2NormalizedPos.y * fDist;

			m_pImageInstance->SetPosition (m_vec2NextMovePos.x, m_vec2NextMovePos.y);



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