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  1. Thank you, i tested and work ok. The teleport problem is not anymore, but when you login for first time the problem is back
  2. Hi, I don't think I explained well enough. Let's say that I in game.py defined a system on the f10 button. If I press f10 in the game, it will not work try this
  3. I fixed it, but from f5 upwards no button works. Why ? I have certain systems on those keys
  4. Nice, but i have an error [Hidden Content]
  5. I highly recommend, I bought a lot from him, but he also fixed a lot of problems with certain costumes that were not made by him.
  6. If it is the original server, the password should be mcncc.com I worked on it ... I think in 2011
  7. Does anyone know if it goes with HXD ? I don't know how to compile the source in the virtual box and I still use game 28k with mc.txt Paylaşım için teşekkürler

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