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  1. Hi there, Just added the RenderTarget system recently and I get a problem, nobody has talked about that so.. When you launch an other gameclient for example or execute something as administrator, the gameclient graphic get freeze, but, you can move ingame/move mouve and ear sounds. Any idea ? Thx
  2. Not any existence of any .AVI or logo1.avi in the source, do you have the function ? Thanks
  3. Hi, anyone has an idea about how to make something like webzen & gameforge ? To be honnest i've searched many ways and I didn't find how they does, if anybody has an idea or a link too something working with.. Thanks guys
  4. Problem fixed, recompiling was not the solution for this project so I just added this sequence in the JpegFile.cpp in EterLib and that's well now, thanks guys. extern "C" { FILE __iob_func[3] = { *stdin,*stdout,*stderr }; } //Fix
  5. IIHi there, anyone has an idea about these 2 errors ? I've tried to take back an old client source compiled in vs2008/2010 i don't know and update all required but.. I just don't find any issue for this (vs2017) libjpeg-9aMT.lib(jerror.obj) : error LNK2001: symbole externe non rÚsolu ___iob_func Thanks
  6. It depend of "how" you use it, using a TeamSpeak 3 module can be fun due to the many plugins who exist about auto moderation and many things like that like (Auto ban if spam music ..) and others, to give the possibility to the player to enable/disable the system and to change volume, and I mean TeamSpeak 3 for Server, not the software TeamSpeak 3 for players, I'm been speaking about a distance vocal for example if the player is near u, u hear him, not if he go blue map 1 and you stay map 1 red or have to many distances on the same map..
  7. Hi guys, I was asking myself, maybe anyone has already worked on anything like that, why not an ingame voice like the plugin TaskForce Radio for Arma 3 ? Something like, you have the voice chat on the current map/zone/near and other possibilites like that ? To be honnest I haven't tried anything about it for the moment but I think that TeamSpeak 3 must be the best to use for it (Regarding ts3 sdk [Hidden Content]) What do you think about a system like it ?
  8. Really nice, do you share the face of the girl ? Thanks bro !
  9. You welcome, I understand, but anyway, the commands like (fish), (!) will also disconnect you while spamming them.
  10. DHCP is an automatic IP assigniation who make few requests, many hostings like OVH doesn't allow it because it don't use the right network configuration as they want and also make flood of local-network also they don't allow it, it depend of how they make the VPS and of hostings. You need to use a manual network configuration like @dmitry told, if your hosting use the same way as OVH you can look at this -> [Hidden Content]
  11. Go to input_main.cpp, search for CHAT_HACK and change like I do upper then if, for example, your emotion commands is "/sky" you change /your_command_xxx by /sky, be carrefull, i've edited code he was wrong. Hope you understand
  12. @Braxy Thanks but I'm not a beginner ? I don't wanna repeat it at each login don't worry, it's a quest who start only if mysql-data is == to 0 ^^ Anyway guys the problem is fixed just few changes on the server-src, thanks for help, appreciated ?

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