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  1. Yeah see this is the issue with you and why this forum won't be as active as it once was. Everything has to be "political" give me proof, give me names. You want names? Go to services and pick one. Always some damn politics. It's funny how Ridack isn't allowed to sell his shit here but he's like one of the only guys that will actually go and change something if you ask him. Same with couple other people that got banned due to politics. Admins change on this forum every couple months, they come, start revolutions and nothing changes and they leave. I still remember when this forum first started. Everyone came here because it seemed like it's gonna be an actual places for "devs" to do something, learn something, share something etc etc. And it was like that first year or two. People sharing systems,assets,knowledge,different ideas coming in, different projects are born. Everything a good community should have. Look at this forum now. You have like 3-5 people that are still active, still develop, still post stuff now and then. The rest is gone. AND Yes before you said it, it has a lot to do with Metin dying out a little, people moving on, leaving etc. but a lot of us are still here just not active on m2d any more because there is no point, there is no place for us here, so we keep it on our own. But then again.. this is what drives the motor why people are selling / buying stuff so much. I'm guessing most of the people in charge have a cut in that.. so yeah. I don't hope for much. I also sell stuff and whenever I get contacted to "fix" something I will have a look at it see what it needs and if it's simple 5 minute job I won't even charge for it. If it requires some bigger scope changes I will tell him I can do it for him but for this much. This is business etiquette, something people seems to be lacking in Metin2, in general. Also 1) if something needs fixing, you shouldn't be paying for the fix. You should pay for "special changes" as you nicely putted. 2) A lot of the time if you ask someone to change something for your liking they will tell you no or give you cosmic price to put you off. Like one time I bought a channel switcher from this X guy and the port function was spaghetti mess so I asked him to tell me how to set my ports there because none of it makes sense. He told me that he doesn't know how to set it up for different channel ports, and I have to change my ports (so i have to change all configs, fw and all other shit just because he doesn't know what he's code does? In the end I just re-wrote the function and hard-coded the ports and it worked but I shouldn't had to do that You know what I mean? All I'm saying is take responsible for you actions, and what you're selling.
  2. Yeah maybe the little romanian ones that re-sell someone's stuff. I'm talking about all the others scammers on this forum. That sell shit and they never feel responsible for what are they selling. How can you charge 300+ bucks for something, and when I come back to you and say I need "this" to do "this" instead of "this". I'm gonna get no response? I traded with a shit ton of people over the years and it's truly horrible how people treat their buyers. People go to them to give them basically free money and at the end of the day they shit all over them anywayz... and you as are "community" are helping those scammers scam people. Enabling them to keep the circle going.
  3. Hello. I personally think this forum is dying and has been dying for a long time. It lacks the "community" part. Everyone here is either to sell, scam or beg. There are only a few people here left who still bring out new stuff and share ideas which what this should be about...?? I generally reckon this forum need some re-thinking, it's scary how many scammers are active here. As for suggestions. I would suggest to start storing files internally (like epvp does) so we don't have to upload them on external sites. If you go through a lot of the older threads most of the files cannot be downloaded any more due to being deleted. So it gets kind of pointless to have all those threads if most of are missing assets. And I remember we used to have that "Downloads Section" where you could upload your files and do a little write up, but after a while it was gone.
  4. It looks nothing like Metin though.. it seems to have different theme as well. Looks more like Shayia than anything.
  5. Szacun, so it's not only me whose remaking all the basic stuff.
  6. I like this one, kinda reminds me Merveil's cavern's from PoE.
  7. Hi, does anyone know if there is anyway to make something in 3ds and then import it into SpeedTree? I tried using the SpeedTree Mesh Utilities and export the model as .stm (speedtree mesh) but I can't import it into speedtree. I have a shit ton of nice trees that I want to adapt to Metin but can't get them into SpeedTree, any help?
  8. This shit don't even work.. If you have more than 1 texture and you try to change any of them they all will change to one same texture.
  9. Not even close to being the best, its pretty shit imo. There is a ton of features missing for it to be even consider good.
  10. I don't get it? Explain a bit more, where exactly is "this bug" ?
  11. HOW THE HELL DO I USE SPOILERS? HATE THIS IPB. This is why I love russians...
  12. You can still use python to reset the value of YANG_DROP everytime you login. but you're right using cpp is "sexier" :D.
  13. Why use cpp? You can simply do something like that def OnPickMoney(self, money): if constInfo.YANG_DROP == 1: chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "|cFFFFD700" + localeInfo.GAME_PICK_MONEY % (money)) else: return
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