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Community Answers

  1. What about index.php? And also, on register part, you need to have default values for all columns in account.account, or just allow them NULL.
  2. Sorry, I missed the point where you want to enter directly, without going through the login and character selection phase.
  3. You can start with the structure of the login saver system. When you log in, you save your username and password in some variables in winreg. Likewise, when you select the character, you save something unique for identification, such as name or id. And, after all this, when you open the client, you check if you have something saved in that variable, if so, you fill them in the user and password fields, and simply in python simulate pressing the login button. If the login was successful, wait for the characters to load, and then check if you have stored one, if so, select it.
  4. Update[19.05.2021]: Several objects have been added. (4929 items) The site has been slightly optimized.
  5. Just set default values to all columns in account.account or allow them NULL.
  6. Try just to save only what is important in log tables...
  7. There may be several reasons... Do you have ssl on your site?
  8. Wrong names in input values, in the php cehck you have: $_POST ['title'] ; $_POST ['content'] But in the html part you have: <input type="text" size="40" maxlength="200" name="titel" /> <textarea style="resize: none;" rows="5" cols="40" name="inhalt"> The names must match.
  9. Ok, but did you try to show the error at the attempting connection in the site? ...
  10. You also need to rewrite the code where you call GET_ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_VNUM(), in this moment is expected only one int number. In the new function, will return an array with 2 int numbers.
  11. You can't just return in the first loop, a return means that the function did the job, and has an result, anythink after return will not be used. One example about what can you do: def GET_ACCESSORY_MATERIAL_VNUM(vnum, subType): ret = vnum item_base = (vnum / 10) * 10 result = [None, None] for info in JewelAccessoryInfos: if item.ARMOR_WRIST == subType: if info[1] == item_base: result[0] = info[0] elif item.ARMOR_NECK == subType: if info[2] == item_base: result[0] = info[0] elif item.ARMOR_EAR == subType: if info[3] == item_base: result[0] = info[0] for info2 in JewelAccessoryInfos2: if item.ARMOR_WRIST == subType: if info2[1] == item_base: result[1] = info2[0] elif item.ARMOR_NECK == subType: if info2[2] == item_base: result[1] = info2[0] elif item.ARMOR_EAR == subType: if info2[3] == item_base: result[1] = info2[0] return result #will be [info[0], info2[0]]
  12. NEW! A little preview: Since I made the presentation I have added another function. Possibility to link multiple accounts to the same social account: I only included discord, steam and facebook. You can implement any external authentication that provides an auth api. The implementation is done only on the site side, not needing adaptations on the source side. Price : 50 euro Contact: Skype: ionutpopescu10 Discord: Ionuț#9065 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IonutPopescu.Ro/ Contact page: https://metin2cms.cf/contact

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