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  1. map folder... like for jinno metin2_map_c1
  2. And what about OVH Anti ddos? Is really good as they said?
  3. I think OVH is actually the best choice, but i'm not 100% sure. Someone can suggest other providers?
  4. Is it normal for cooldown to reset after every mob I kill?
  5. Thank you penger, you are the best. The problem was what you say, the SNA.
  6. Version of Files : XXX Hi dear community, i have a weired error. I'm trying to add the dragon soul set on my server, but when i add the affect part (When i complete all the slot of the dragon soul and press the button "Active" in game) i got this error: 0520 15:19:42226 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0520 15:19:42226 :: File "game.py", line 887, in BINARY_NEW_AddAffect 0520 15:19:42226 :: File "uiAffectShower.py", line 558, in BINARY_NEW_AddAffect 0520 15:19:42226 :: TypeError 0520 15:19:42226 :: : 0520 15:19:42226 :: 'str' object is not callab
  7. Try this: https://mega.nz/#!DDojmZyZ!36_Bh4tv-0d3Uf2N78VLaoKmEDQeCrPavy_vVXlqat0 i didn't test but should be fine. Let me know.
  8. I try to add this in my server just for curiosity, it work like a charm. I suggest you to check again the tutorial because it's pretty easy. You maybe have 2 class of refine in uirefine.py?
  9. I have problem with this fix, sometimes i can't log in in my server, just disconnected instant after the login, for fix i have to restart machine 3-4 times in a row..
  10. And? This is not error... just check the correct directory.
  11. I sell this recoded and fixed. Work with great, ken or other shop. Won system supported.
  12. You download very crap files, anyway you have to find somewhere this file Board_Corner_RightBottom.tga and the other needed (you can find in other client) after add this in ETC/->ymirwork->ui->pattern and do the same for the other error.
  13. LoadMonsterAreaInfo in the sysser means that you don't have regen.txt in the folder map. for the unknown package that knows .. it can be everything and it is difficult to find a solution without examining the entire SRC, my suggestion is to restore the backup and do the installation of the pendant again (I also add this in my SRC but I I have to repair many missing parts to use it correctly)
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