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  1. Open file playersettingmodule.py and Replace this part. def __LoadRaceHeight(): try: lines = pack_open("race_height.txt", "r").readlines() except IOError: import dbg dbg.LogBox("__LoadRaceHeight: load text file error!") app.Abort() for line in lines: tokens = line[:-1].split("\t") if len(tokens) == 0 or not tokens[0]: continue vnum = int(tokens[0]) height = float(tokens[1]) chrmgr.SetRaceHeight(vnum, height) This should help. Probably a file race_height.txt it wasn't read.
  2. I advise you to open a Turkish forum and search there. There's a CEF laid out, laid out for free.
  3. Why can't I delete the objects folder and just recompile the quests? This is much easier than deleting each quest individually... cd /game/share/locale/quest && rm -Rf object && sh make.sh
  4. You can use "putty" and "bpytop" and see the same thing
  5. bpytop is a very interesting thing, a nice alternative to top / htop thx
  6. Thanks for the release, I do not recommend using this solution, because it is very easy to create an HWID Spoofer that will allow you to change the HWID in the game's memory.
  7. 1. crontab -e 2. the typical user metin2dev will not be able to exit vim without additional description.
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