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[Project] MMORPG Android Game - No Name


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An upheaval !


Presentation Summary:

I. What famous mmorpg android?

II.Sur what platform could it come to life?

III. Different screen or video project?

IV. Who are those who worked on the project?











Well, yes, as you may have read, it is quite possible!

The idea is to make a mmorpg based on what Jin code.

Available on your phone directly to your downloadable appstore.

The concepts of the game is made much like WoW, that is, the camera will be in the 3rd person, 3D gaming for those who have the vision or other problems ...

The game that played entirely online, the server will remain the same for each support which makes the ability to play anywhere in this game and reuse your characters.

Much remains to adapt to achieve but this project will indeed life, at least we hope with all my heart!









The starting support is Android.

"Oh no, I have an iPhone ..."

We can easily pass on the different platforms.

So do not panic, the MMORPG will be available for iPhone, PC, PS Vita and so on!








Here are some of the famous MMORPG screen:


Loading of the game:



Choice selections of characters (the warrior is only used to show that 3D works):




Here are three videos showing the progress son time:


First video, 13 November 2015 (the beginning of the project.):




Second video, Jan. 18, 2016.:



3rd video March 11, 2016:









For those who have noticed the screens, the creator is indeed Roxas (@Jin)

Jin currently working alone on the project, so a little word of support or even a small donation for the project would be welcome!

Thank you for watching the project mmorpg android!

PS: This presentation can beings updated at any time

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Update with a video :)

Tested on Samsung Galaxy S3 


Without the screen recorder the game working with 60FPS and the quality is more good than the recorder. 

When I can show you more, i make some good quality screen.


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Thank you,

I am currently working on Heightmap system , my Server TCP was programmed into C# with Winform. I can create Heightmap on the server and send it like an update for all player when i want without disconnect players.

I want create a fully object game.

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14 minutes ago, Roxas07 said:

Thank you :) I start the dynamic map system ;)


14 minutes ago, Roxas07 said:

Thank you :) I start the dynamic map system ;)

In my opinion without granny is crap. 

Graphics engine is ugly.


Just change graphic API/Library. If you improve graphics i will play too.

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This is the video capture who made a bad quality of the graphics. 

My Graphics Engine is the powerfull OpenTK from OpenGL. Granny is shit compared of OpenTK :)

And , like I said before the model and animations are created for just make test.

When the basics of the MMORPG are finish , I start to make the true models and animations of the game.

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Update of the presentation post :) 

Update of the server tools.

Map editor 0.1:
The map editor that I created, creates the maps and the envoyers the customer instead of containing them in the client.
It simply sending the mapping of this command with the coordinates of the plane, textures etc etc ..

- Sending map to client was finish. All orders is contained into a byte packet encrypted.
- Add plane with coordinate.


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