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problem with opening box

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Use a quest for it, and the type of the box should be 18 if i remember corectly.

quest levelup_boxes begin
	state start begin
		when login begin
	state run begin
		when 50187.use or 50188.use or 50189.use or 50190.use or 50191.use or 50192.use or 50193.use or 50194.use or 50195.use or 50196.use or 50212.use or 50213.use begin
			local weapon = 10
			if pc.job == 3 then
				weapon = 7000
			elseif pc.job == 1 then
				weapon = 1000
			local box_num = item.vnum-50186
			local rewards = {
			if rewards[box_num][1] == nil then
				syschat("The seal on this chest is too strong. No matter what you do, it won't budge.")
			elseif pc.get_level() < rewards[box_num][1] then
				syschat("Your Level does not suffice to open this box.")
			elseif pc.get_empty_inventory_count() < rewards[box_num][2] then
				syschat("You do not have enough free inventory space to open this box.")
				for i = 1,rewards[box_num][2],1 do


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i need from quest give item


and again 


you recived noting


if i edit special_item_group.txt    i got but 1 item  no mores  i need few items

Create a quest...


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