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Hello! :)


I have 3 Problems with my Wolfman.


First: Sorry for my bad english.


1. if i look at the item: "Sword+9" there is a text Like "[Wearable] Warrior, Assassin, Sura, Lycan"... Why? :P (using offical item proto)


2. I have the shaman skills except the Wolfman skills...


3. I can wear the Lycan items but the text is like, i can't wear it...


Here some picturs about the problems:








I hope someone can help me. :)


Kind Regards


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you have to edit some python line in root (i think) i'm not sure but you have to take a look at your file to know how your client work

I've edited everything to include the Wolfman... So i don't know what i need to edit now. :)




Item text is now normal. -> Don't know why, but it works xD

Skills are the correct one, but the effects are buggy....

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