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How To Crypt your Eterpacks with Panama

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Before we begin, a little information:

You could NOT use panama for eterpacks like root,locale,uiscript and etc

because these eterpacks must be decrypted by binary before the server send the panama key

to your client.



Hello Guys,


in the last days i tried to pack my eterpacks with panama, with success.

and now i want to help you by doing the same.


At first we need a archiever which is able to cryp with panama.


for example this one: http://metin2dev.org/board/topic/99-metin2dev-archiver/



Step1: unpack the eterpack you want to repack with panama.


Step2: Open the metin2dev Archieve Helper and click on Edit->settings

and change the storage type to panama and check the right box "Auto Generate IV FILE"

click on safe and restart the program.


Step3: repack your eterpack with the metin2dev Archiev Helper

and you will see it packs your eterpack and made a folder named "iv"

in this folder you find the random generated iv file.

(iv means initialisation vector and is a 32 byte long file.)


Step4: Replace the eterpacks with the new panama encrypted.


Step5: create a file named "panama.lst" on your dektop or everywhere you want.

open it with notepad++ and write this into it:


pack/"name of your eterpack" [TAB] "name of the generate iv".iv


like here in my case:




Step6: connect via ftp to your server and change in the auth directory,

there you have to create a folder named "panama".

in the new panama folder you have to put the panama.lst and

the .iv file which was generated.


Step7: reboot the server, if you take a look in the syslog of the auth core,

o can find the message that the .iv got loaded.

Then you can start your client login and see the result.



Thats all, if it wont work or i forgot something pls write here in the topic.


PS: Some people tell me that the panama wont work on her server,

if it is the same by you use COMBINED/COMBINED_AP insteed of panama.

(COMBINED&COMBINED_AP are type 4&5  of storage type which

work with the cshybridcrypt .dat's)




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I will try, thanks :)


Doesn't work for me, I don't know why, I tried before and same, the pack isn't working.


Auth syslog : My pack is successifully read.

Client : My pack isn't recognized. :/

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thanks for the tutorial hope to see more good tutorials like this one from you 


can u do a tutorial for crypt with type 4 - 5?

+1 if he do so it will help us all :)



last thing a quick question, what is the benefit from crypt eterpack with panama ? 

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the benefit is that your eterpacks arent unpackable without the .iv file. ok they are depackable but the crc crashes

at the file if the iv is not given so, each data you unpacked without the iv is corrupted and useless.

It works like the official patches. for maximum security i prefer to use  panama or combined/combined_ap, change the xtea to you unique crypt the binary with enigma and cythonize the roots.

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