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Hi guys.


I'm writing this post because I'm finally leaving the Metin2 scene. I must say game development was my childhood's dream and the decision wasn't easy but everything came to a point where it had to decide between my health or my projects.


When we left SG in January 2013, we were dreaming of making a server that brought back the people who had got tired of the official server's pay2win model. A model that is emptying official servers day by day while little is done to adapt to today's times where people are becoming more wary of pay2win schemes. We didn't have 6-figure budgets as Ymir, but we thought our experience and understanding of the game could make up for that.


We also wanted to manage a game that was 100% fair. Without cheaters, without corruption, without yang sellers runing the market. Very basic things that the players demanded for a long time. Myself I was a high level player in a Gameforge server and got tired of waiting for something to be done.


We also wanted to learn from developing new content that would hopefully have our players spend a good time and make the game look a bit less aged. I had a lot of fun designing the ground texture and researching about speedtree models.


Nowhere in our mind was scamming players, attacking other servers or hacking anybody. Leaving SG was just a question of pride, of not feeling that you are being paid with dirty money for honest work.


In one way you could think that we were successful as WoM went from being a little server people looked down at to one of the most played and respected private servers. However, this came with a huge toll for me personally as to get here we had to overcome dozens of attacks, hacking incidents, and lies against us posted with fake accounts by SG staff.


In the last months following the hacking of Eterhost by SG staff while we were having a short trip to London, SG stepped up on their attacks. I have read my name related to "legal actions" in Gameforge and YMIR mails, SG staff spreading rumours that I am a pedophile, our files published, phishing mail sent to our players through the leaked db, a DDoS attack that is lasting a week now, threats by private message or mail pretty much every day. I even got threatened by a german guy who posted the wom files in a website with reporting me to Gameforge when I politely asked him to remove them. In short and if you excuse the language, I can't wake up any fucking day without having some shit of this sort awaiting me on the PC. 


I won't bore you more, let's just say that if Chia's goal was to make my life stressing, I have to admit he has won that personal battle. And I say personal battle because people very rarely stood up against all of this. Most of the time I was alone in answering to their flames or asking forums to remove our stuff. So I have decided that it's time to stop painting a target for SG staff in everything I participate in and dedicate myself to some more fulfilling labor (My plan is to do volunteer work for the website of a NGO in my town. I won't give more details as Chia would probably try to hack it as well). I will transfer the ownership of my projects to people I have trust in, and I will not post anymore in any metin2 forum. I will not be logging in to Skype either.


I want to thank all the people who have supported and motivated us to continue sailing against the storm and making WoM one of the best servers in the world, to all my team, and to all the players who have make WoM's community. I hope one day we can meet again without Chia fucking everything around, but for now, I'm done.


Good luck.

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Farewell to one of the best teamadmins i ever had. It was a pleasure to work with you never give up achieving your dreams!


I see this post with 1 laughing and 1 crying eye sad that you left us and happy that you dont have to deal with this sick idiots anymore since you found your real way! Once again thanks for the great time i will always keep you in my heart.


In loving memory

MartPwnS ~ Martin


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One of the most ambitious people that I've met so far. Especially in a scene like this. I always though of you as one of the few professional people around. With whatever you will do from now on, I wish you luck to achieve whatever you want. It is an understandable move that had to be pulled off by one side sooner or later and I think it's the right decision.


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Well, I'm having respect on this step but 2 questions were left:

- What's going to happen with World of Metin2?

- What's going to happen with Eterhost?

Questions are anwsered!


Have a nice time without Metin2 and I wish you good luck in your life!



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It's sad, some people in metin2 spreadings rumors, hacks, or attacks other server, I know it because I am on the emulation since some years, it's started about 2010.


So, you Shogun, an important member in emulation, who release some hot stuff, who helped some people, who create one of the most played Metin2 server, if you come back one day in emulation, all the community will be there, so have keep it on, and carry on.


Bye. :(

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