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Minimap Dungeon Timer Info

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By Aslan


  • Display of the stage as a green progress bar and text (here E2 e.g.)
  • An info text what you have to do as a slider
  • Progress bar can be used for remaining monster count or remaining time


Example (For the rest please see the quest example)

-- If you set a mob counter, do it in front of it. If you ask why the second dungeon flag is set,
-- ihow counts "d.count_monster()" weird if you always print it out when mobs are killed.
d.setf("minimap_dungeoninfo_start_mob_count", d.count_monster())
d.setf("minimap_dungeoninfo_killed_mob_count", d.count_monster())
d.set_minimap_dungeoninfo_status(1) -- enable dungeon info for dungeon instance
d.set_minimap_dungeoninfo_stage(aktuelle stage, max stage) -- I always set maxstage higher than you have stages so that stage complete is displayed after the bosskill, so to speak
-- the progress bar can be controlled as follows (3 options):
d.set_minimap_dungeoninfo_gauge(0, 0) -- Disables the counter completely
d.set_minimap_dungeoninfo_gauge(1, (un)gekillte mobanzahl, gesamtmobanzahl) -- activates the mob counter
d.set_minimap_dungeoninfo_gauge(2, zeit in sekunden) -- activates the time counter
d.set_minimap_dungeoninfo_notice("Töte alle Monster") -- Insert your info text here. Text output is also possible for multilang via the Translate.lua.
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