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auto encrypt user account password directly in mysql manager

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Hi guys!

use a mysql editor (HeidSQL or NavCat) and select your ACCOUNT.ACCOUNT table to crate a trigger script.

Run this query: 

CREATE TRIGGER `account_before_update` BEFORE UPDATE ON `account` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN
/* TRIGGER WRITED BY [ADM]Arkatuz (Meleb.Net) */
if (LEFT(NEW.password,1)<>'*') then
SET NEW.password = PASSWORD(NEW.password);
END if;

Now, your can update PASSWORD column directly of the Mysql Editor. Eg.: your put 'mypasswd123' and the trigger crated go crypt to '*DD33176027C486CECB9B6F770756A1C115A1F659'. This is good to help administer your server without external applications to generate passwords. 

good lock! ^^


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