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Odysseus - Oldschool 2008 | International | 15.11.2022


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Server start event!

For the day of our opening we are running an event, which will make your game progress a little bit easier.

As an alternative drop all monsters drop certain material chests. 

- Material chest S (Lv. 1 - 99).
- Material chest L (Lv. 30 - 99).

From these two chests you will receive materials that are needed to improve items.

The event runs for one week and ends on 21.11.2022 at 23:59 CET.


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Dear Community, 

Appropriate to the current time, now begins the first phase of our Christmas event!

You now have the opportunity to exchange 100x crystal for 1x gift by clicking on the Christmas tree (in Map1).
Crystals you get from Metin stones (every Metin drops crystal).
The gifts contain very useful and helpful items for you. Among them are well-known items, as well as new items which give you a Christmas boost.
In addition, you will receive Coins vouchers from the gifts! Thus, each of you has the opportunity to farm over the entire Christmas period item store items!

In addition to the Christmas season, we have provided a beginner event for you.

All metin stones now drop double the usual number of the following items:
- Material Chest (small)
- Material Chest (large)
- Bravery Cape
- Enchant Item
- Reinforce Item
- Skill Chest

The following items have been added to the starter set:
(Likewise for all existing characters)
- Dragon God Life 12 hours (not tradable).
- Dragon God Attack 12 hours (non-tradable).
- Experience Potion 6 hours (non-tradable).
- Bravery Cape 25x (non-tradable).

There will be 25% more coins credited on each donation!
(Due to the fact that Crypto-Vouchers already had a 15% bonus, they are now at a 40% bonus).

We offer you again the possibility to get free coins!
From now on, you will receive 10 Euro Coins per 10 Invites!
This is unlimited possible (eg 100 Invites 100 Euro Coins, etc.)!
Every 10th Invite will be rewarded, and so you don't have to wait until the end of the Christmas season,
the Coins will be distributed every 7 days!

~~~ Merry Christmas wishes Odysseus ~~~

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