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How to download files directly from mega to your FREEBSD


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Hello everybody!
Today I was with a friend and he needed to download some files directly from Mega on his server and I happened to know a way, I even use it whenever it is necessary to transfer large files to the server, such as backups in tar.gz.
The big advantage is that the file transfer speed is very high so it goes faster than doing it via ftp from your computer.

I believe it can be useful for many. I'm posting because I didn't find anything in the community teaching how to do it.

Basically the method used is the installation of a package called MEGA TOOLS

I leave the tutorial:

#1 Install the Megatools package (https://megatools.megous.com/) with the command:


pkg install -y megatools

Then go to the mega file you want to download and get the link. But attention, the link has to be direct to the file that you want to download, it cannot be a folder, because no file will be downloaded, even if it is inside the folder.

and type the command:



and your file will be downloaded directly to the current directory, you can choose a directory to which you want to download the file, for example:


cd /metin2/server




I hope that was clear and that it is useful for some of you.

Sorry if my english is not the best ?

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