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Footsteps effect



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Hi. 🙂
Possible..., try this.


Search this :
void CInstanceBase::MovementProcess()

In this void search this:

if (__IsInDustRange())

Upper add it:


I don't tested.
If work, ❤️ this 😄


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4 hours ago, Gurgarath said:


I forgot the exact name, but it is in "sound\common" and it's probably "walk_dirt_n.wav". Good idea you have there by the way!

Have a nice day

Good point, but sound effect is another thing. I didn't think about it, because almost no one have the sound effects turned on and it's really hard to identify, where the player is, just by hearing the sound effect, it's not the CS:GO. But sure, disable the sound effects wouldn't be bad idea too, but I was talking about the visual effect, which you can see, when someone is running. 

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I'll be always helpful! 👊 

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void CInstanceBase::Render()
	if (!__CanRender())



    //Try this code to hide all effects even DustGap	<<<---------
	CPythonCharacterManager& rkChrMgr = CPythonCharacterManager::Instance();

	for (auto ptr = rkChrMgr.CharacterInstanceBegin(); ptr != rkChrMgr.CharacterInstanceEnd(); ++ptr)
		CInstanceBase* pkInstEach = *ptr;

		if (pkInstEach)
			if (pkInstEach->IsAffect(AFFECT_EUNHYEONG) || pkInstEach->IsAffect(AFFECT_INVISIBILITY))
				if (CPythonPlayer::Instance().IsMainCharacterIndex(pkInstEach->GetVirtualID()))



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