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Hello Devs! Sorry for my bad English...


Today I would like to present a program that I will try to develop (from time to time).

M2Manager is a tool that allows you to manage server quite professionally.


Below I will present some functions that the program already has.

If you want, you can write in a comment what I can add to program before it is published(?).


This is how the main window of program looks like:


As you can see, it's very minimalistic. Has ability to connect with a MySQL server and save data.

When we connect to server, we can go to some tab (for example, item creator).


Program has automatic detection of item_proto table, so if you have any new columns, they will be displayed.

After configuring the columns, we can save our own template, set item icon, GR2 model (if it's, for example, armor), path to item_list.txt and MSM files. All entries will be added automatically (to client and to db).


If we enter the GR2 model, we also have option to edit it (e.g. textures).


After change path(s), we can save corrected model or configure the texture(s) location!


And a lot more!

If you are (for some reason) interested in project, let me know and there will be more information about it here!

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Sorry for my bad English.

My only accounts are here and on M2D, Don't trust anyone else from other shitty sites.

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