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Fix CheckPoint Shutdown - Tics Did Not Updated


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Go to: /usr/src/your source/Srcs/Server/libthecore/src and open :  signal.c



RETSIGTYPE checkpointing(int sig)

and delete:

sys_err("CHECKPOINT shutdown: tics did not updated.");

Like this:














This tutorial was made by AleXso

Source: freakplay.net (no advertising)

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This AlexSo who posted solving, he has no idea.
What he did is equal to 0. Worse confused world than to help.
This is true resolution.
Open libthecore/include/signal.h
Find this line.
    extern void signal_timer_enable(int timeout_seconds);

And replaced with this:

    extern void signal_timer_disable();

You can delete that folder src, has no value. It is used for something else.

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