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Metin2 Sakai Multilanguaje


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­čćÖOFFICIAL SERVER !! ­čą│Multilanguage 09/10/21 - 17: 00H Chile
Languages: English, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Roman, Hungarian, Spanish
­čů┐Web: https://metin2sakai.online/
­čćöDiscord: https://discord.gg/y7fpW5xQVN
­čů┐FB: https://www.facebook.com/Metin2-SAKAI-239294764661374/
OPENING DATE: Saturday 02.10.21- 21: 00H Chile
Download: https://metin2sakai.online/download
┬╗50% PVP 50% PVM
┬╗Without fifth race.
┬╗Initial level 1
┬╗Maximum level 105 (expandable).
┬╗Everything achievable in the game.
┬╗OX Multilanguage Event
┬╗Outfit crafting system.
┬╗Weapon outfit crafting system.
┬╗New Dungeons
┬╗Surprise Barter Event
┬╗Automatic events.
┬╗Reset skills
┬╗Itemshop within the game.
┬╗Unique pet system.
┬╗Stone system +1 to +5
┬╗Reset system
┬╗Sphaera system
┬╗Shaman Support System
┬╗Rates of 70% During the week
┬╗Weekends 150% ALL RATES







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