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Filtering the chat




Im trying with a function to filter some string from the chat, but it gives a strange error.


const char* FilterChat(const char* c_pszBuffer)
    std::string strChatBuf = c_pszBuffer;

    // Other stuff with the string, but its commented out rn.
    char szTmpBuf[1024 + 1] = {};
    const char* c_szpFilterBuf = strChatBuf.c_str();
    _snprintf(szTmpBuf, sizeof(szTmpBuf), "%s", c_szpFilterBuf);

    return szTmpBuf;


In bool CPythonNetworkStream::RecvChatPacket():

	CPythonTextTail::Instance().RegisterChatTail(kChat.dwVID, FilterChat(line));
	CPythonTextTail::Instance().RegisterChatTail(kChat.dwVID, line);


And in-game its junk:



What's the problem? With debugging it seems the array gets created with full of junk already, but i've initialized it with full of zeroes if im not wrong.

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1>PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp(xxxx): warning C4172: returning address of local variable or temporary




That's a small tip for the next time when you're coding, so you'll know if it's a critical warning and it needs real attention or not, based on the level.


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