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What should i do ?

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Hello guys im beginner. I don't know where to start. I know how to install metin2 server on virtual machine but i don't know how to edit game files, how to write code for metin2, how to write quests.

I can't find any guides for this on website. Any suggestions? And C++, python, lua this languages are need to know?

and what freebsd version should i work on? now i installed kraizy on freebsd  9.3

I just want to create my own files. My own game.

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Hello, first of all, there are fixed topics for Basic Training / Beginners, I recommend you to review them.

If you want to write your own system from the beginning, you need to know c++, python, lua languages,
For this, you can learn by watching the lessons of the language you want to learn from google or youtube (of course, it will take some time.)
If you want, you can learn by taking paid lessons from experts in the language you want to learn, it completely depends on your desire to learn.
If you're learning for a dead game like Metin2 (I wouldn't recommend it)
I recommend using freebsd 12 and 12+ it's always good to be up to date.
You have to spend a lot of effort to create your own files, of course, it requires knowledge and experience.
because to compile kraizy pure mainline source you need to fix errors, create external file
you need to set game mysql client etc etc. I do not want to enumerate them here now. A beginner cannot do this.
You don't need to waste your time with these. I recommend you to use the TMP4 free reference server file.

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