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Quest Show Item ToolTip By Cell

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I came across this new insert event by quests which I had to use while I was developing the 6th & 7th Attribute System so I decided to share this little feature and it could be useful in some situations.


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9 hours ago, redscoutyt2 said:

Can I do something like, when I talk with an npc and I need a specific item, it displays the item like in the video? (So I dont drag the item to the npc, and it shows me the item, It just automatically shows me the specific item by item vnum
Thanks for the answer!

You can use the already existing functions.



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I use your system also goes everything, but I would like to have that as an output window when I crafte an item then the new item is shown to me, but me only a gall is shown there is another possibility?



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