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Little python check question



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Hey guys,


is here someone who know how to do a Game Master check for CTRL+V function? File: root\game.py

def OnKeyDown(self, key):
        if app.DIK_F1 == key:
            return False
        if app.DIK_F2 == key:
            return False
        if app.DIK_F3 == key:
            return False
        if app.DIK_F4 == key:
            return False
        if app.DIK_LALT == key:
            return False
        if app.DIK_SYSRQ == key:
            return False
        if app.DIK_LCONTROL == key:
            return False
        if app.DIK_V == key:
            if app.IsPressed(app.DIK_LCONTROL):

Thanks for possible solutions!

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I'll be always helpful! 👊 

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Idk why chr.IsGameMaster don't work for you, but here is another solution:

if app.DIK_V == key:
	if app.IsPressed(app.DIK_LCONTROL) and str(player.GetName())[0] == "[":

It will check if the player name starts with "[". If you have [VIP] or other role then edit the code to exclude them.

chr.IsGameMaster is better but since it's clientside, it really doesn't matter, the pro users can reach and modify it anyways.

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