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EliteMt2 - O Mais Fiável e Antigo Sv Privado PT [PT-PT]

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First of all, I wanted to make a little presentation icon_e_smile.gif

I'm 15 and play Metin2 3-4 years ago and as such have been through many servers, each officer of private! From experience, I can guarantee that EliteMt2PT is really a great server, which covers more than one country and a great community. arms always open to new members !! 


Already are also thanks to all the users who opened this topic! We hope to read it to the end and guarantee that we will be definitely a waste of time, because knowing this server Metin2 is really a fantastic experience!


EliteMt2 | 2009 ~ 2014 | The Private Server Metin2 Oldest to Portugal !!




Basic Information Server:


Fall Bonus Items: 600% for files.


Experience Bonus: 950% (1000% in events).


Bonus Drop Yang: 300% in the db.


PvP Events Exclusive 2 in two months.


Weekly Events Organized by Players and Team.


Client With Auto-Patcher.


Shop Iten-easy to use, with utilities account management and INGAME.


Server Max level: 250


Attributes Maximum: 125


Change in Karma: -30000 +30000


2 Servers: Adromeda and ElitePvp (Adromeda- PvE / PvP) (Ful ElitePvP- PvP)


CH 2 open.


The Boss reborn all very quickly.


VIP maps accessible without Iten-Shop.


Maps for Special Events.


War of the United Kingdoms with bonus winner.


Events OX DAILY.


Assembled and New Weapons.


Until Metins Lv150 <- accessible to all.


Moobs 100% Human (Ninjas, Suras, Shamns, Warriors).


Pets of System Exclusive


Map of Guilds, With Metins for beginners.


NPC- Master GM - with several very useful features.


Lucid forum is very well organized, with team available to help in all cases, as well as the entire community.


Host own and Free Graphics!


Race To Replace functionality (1 Sv Portuguese with this idea icon_e_smile.gif )




The Elite is a closed Portuguese and Brazilian community, despite being open to other countries like France and England (Because people who go out).



"The EliteMt2 reigns by team spirit and mutual support that owning for a true community ..."


Not extending much thanks are viewing this topic by and await a future 'hits'!


Useful Links:


Done With Help topic: 

[sGA] Dave 

[Agent] crazysoul





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You have to use english in your post or your thread will get closed. If you use english you can use a secondary language too.

And as i can't understand anything, i can't tell anything about the server too.

http://www.google.com/translate?hl=en&ie=UTF8&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fmetin2dev.org%2Fboard%2Ftopic%2F2708-elitemt2-o-mais-fi%25C3%25A1vel-e-antigo-sv-privado-pt-pt-pt%2F%23entry18166  :rolleyes:

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