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Marketplace - Enhanced Update

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Dear Metin2 Dev Community,


Marketplace - Enhanced Update

The metamorphosis began with the migration of the marketplace to the new platform. The marketplace is now separated from the forum in order to make the marketplace more dynamic.

The rules did not allow good sellers, trustable and serious sellers to sell or offer their services on the marketplace. These rules were created while waiting to be able to better manage the marketplace (filter it as accurately), they allowed me to think about ideas and take a step back.

Recently, in my personal and professional life, we are learning to give a few things without any countpart. If today I decided to review the rules, it's above all to implement this philosophy. Although I would prefer that a member is not just on Metin2 Dev to sell...

The rule on member activity on Metin2 Dev has been repealed, not quite in reality, it will no longer be an obstacle to sell and offer its services on Metin2 Dev. Now we will have a more open marketplace for new and old sellers.

However, an open marketplace does not mean that we accept everyone. A filter on sellers will allow us to sort the sales authorization requests in order to keep the best and that does not present any risk for the community. Our goal is not to exclude or prevent members from selling or offering your services on the Metin2 Dev Marketplace. We don't want any resellers or scammers in our marketplace. Metin2 Dev remains a guarantee of quality for the members of our community.

Sellers are invited to re-read the rules of the marketplace.


How are we going to accept sellers?

An analysis of the member who wishes to sell and offer his services on the Metin2 Dev community will be performed, we will analyze several things:

  • Is the seller known in other communities on Metin2?
  • Is the seller known or has been known for scamming or reselling in other Metin2 communities?
  • The seller's reputation?
  • The seller get any recommendations?
  • Is the seller active on Metin2 Dev? This is not eliminatory but it will considerably increase the seller's chances of being authorized on our marketplace by being active in our community.
  • The seller's public works will verify its reliability. This is not eliminatory but it will considerably increase the seller's chances of being authorized on our marketplace by allowing us to verify his reliability and his skills.


You said a member's activity was kept, what does that mean?

An active member of the Metin2 Dev community (over the last 3 to 6 months) will be promoted in the marketplace, his topics will be pinned and the seller can choose the topic to highlight in the dedicated advertising space, subject to providing an advertising banner. The highlight is only available on the marketplace platform.


Rank dedicated to sellers


A rank dedicated to sellers on the Metin2 Dev community. It's awarded to members who sell or offer services on the Marketplace. It provides dedicated access to sellers on Discord. The rank can be withdrawn if you no longer sell or offer your services.


Marketplace is available on Discord

The marketplace is now available on Discord, the #sales-service text channel is read-only for all Discord members. Only sellers are authorized to write messages in this channel with the dedicated rank, they can announce updates to their product. Sellers should use this channel reasonably for everyone's convenience. No bump is tolerated. New topics in the marketplace are now automatically published by our bot.


Special Thanks to @Finnis, @Sonitex & @Mali61 for ideas and / or re-reading.



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