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Community Answers

  1. Write uname -a in putty and show us the output. You could try to reinstall gcc, (pkg remove gcc, pkg install gcc) - (Be sure to reinstall the SAME gcc version or the latest your source supports!)
  2. Are you using a jail? If so, upgrade the jail too XD and try to reinstall gcc/g++
  3. You didn't even try to search on google Upgrade your freebsd to the latest version (or at least 12.2), we're in 2021 ffs.
  4. And we don't mean to make fun of and ignore you but we do
  5. If it's a test server, why would you care? Just buy the cheapest and most reliable one you can find and done. P.S: Free 3 months tip, try google cloud
  6. I just had a stroke trying to read that
  7. I see what you did there, but this doesn't help at all, what if the player disconnected before the shutdown ? As we said before, best way is to shutdown in-game, wait a few minutes and then just gracefully kill the cores.
  8. Those updates shouldn't cause this error; I've had this problem too a while ago, but in my case it was because I didn't send the correct size of the dynamic packet(there should be a 'short' variable in the packet's struct if it's Dynamic), maybe it helps. You could also can try starting the client in Debug mode and check what data you receive from the server; Hope it helps!
  9. Seems like a packet problem to me, did you add / update some packets? If yes, static or dynamic? Can you reproduce it sending PM's?
  10. /shutdown in game, wait a few minutes then just kill the processes (check with top if they're still doing something before killing them!).
  11. When he told you to show us the function...he meant the function that generates the error....... The fix that @WeedHexprovided should work, If I remember correctly there are multiple occurrences in char_item.cpp
  13. Great job! Thank you for this release, I'm sure that many of us will find this usefull!
  14. Indeed, you're right, but from what he said I assumed that he already updated & compiled the libs.

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